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OW Bunker presented DOT as golden egg in 2013

Star Goethals and Star Baltic_Panama.jpeg Suppliers:

When Altor tried - in vain - to divest OW Bunker in March 2013, Singapore subsidiary Dynamic Oil Trading was presented as a booming growth enterprise. So why was the subsidiary completely absent from the IPO prospective on the basis of which 20,000 investors purchased shares a year later?

New Job

Niels Aden
New title: CEO
New employer: E.R. Schiffahrt (01.02.15)

Michael Hansen - Erria Asian.JPG
Michael Hansen
New title: General Manager, Asia
New employer: Erria Container Services

Per Rathje Nordic Marine Oil AS
Per Rathje
New title: Sales Development Manager
New employer: Nordic Marine Oil A/S

Kurosh Khonsari Dan-Bunkering
Kurosh Khonsari
New title: Senior Bunker Trader
New employer: Dan-Bunkering Middle East (01.12.14)

The US cements Jones Act

Los Angeles.jpg Carriers:

The US Jones Act has been discussed in relation to several free-trade agreements. Now the US Senate has cemented the legislation by approving the National Defense Authorization Act for 2015.