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Shippers call for transparency on sulfur costs

welsh1.jpg Carriers:

Ahead of the implementation of the new sulfur regulations on January 1st 2015, the Global Shippers Forum, GSF, informs that the organization has heard virtually nothing from the shipowners. How much will the sulfur regulations cost us, asks Secretary General Chris Welsh.

New Job

Jens Martin Jensen.jpg
Jens Martin Jensen
New title: Head of Sales, Acquisitions, Newbuildings and Maritime Projects
New employer: Frontline and Frontline 2012 (03.11.14)

33866699 - 02_04_2013 - Klaus Nyborg - BJØRN MARCUS TRAPPAUD.jpg
Klaus Nyborg
New title: Chairman
New employer: USTC

Robert Hvide Macleod
Robert Hvide Macleod
New title: CEO
New employer: Frontline (03.11.14)

Henri Schumann VP Commercial A2SEA
Henri Schumann
New title: Vice President for Commercial
New employer: A2Sea (01.10.14)

ShippingWatch 131107228 Christian Andersen1.jpg

Avance Gas downgrades consolidation plan

Earlier this year Avance Gas was highly determined to consolidate, but now the major Norwegian gas tanker carrier has become somewhat more hesitant. "We can't achieve very much on the short term through consolidation," CEO Christian Andersen tells ShippingWatch.

The road to the IMO's seat of power

8568988204_68120f8ff5_h.jpg Carriers:

Denmark's Andreas Nordseth will have to go through several appointments and votes before he can sit down at the head of the table as Secretary General of the IMO. And he will also be running against other prime candidates for the job. Read on to learn who: