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EU recycling regulation will allow beaching

The EU Regulation meant to raise the standards of ship recycling does not specifically ban the use of beaching when vessels are scrapped. Guidelines on the requirements of the regulation are expected to be adopted this spring.

New Job

Jesper Sørensen KPI Bridge Oil
Jesper Sørensen
New title: Sales Manager
New employer: KPI Bridge Oil

Casper Cleemann Skuld.jpg
Casper Cleemann
New title: Vice President, Marketing and Sales
New employer: Skuld (01.04.15)

Stinne Taiger Ivø til web.jpg
Stinne Taiger Ivø
New title: Head of Defence
New employer: Skuld (01.03.15)

Jørgen Højgaard.jpg
Jørgen Højgaard
New title: Sales Manager
New employer: Malik Supply A/S / Nordic Marine Oil A/S

CFO leaves board at Thorco following Clipper

Thor Stadil - STROYER TORBEN.jpg Bulk:

Strategical differences in management at Thorco have now made CFO Kent Hedegaard leave the company as well. Just a few days ago, Clipper Group CEO Kristian Mørch opted to resign from board of the Stadil-controlled multipurpose carrier for the same reasons.