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New fatal accident hits shipbreaking facility in Pakistan

At least five people have died after an LPG vessel caught fire during dismantling at the Gadani shipbreaking facility in Pakistan. The same region was hit by an explosion on a tanker vessel back in November in which 26 people were killed.

Norway's Grieg looking to scrap in Asia without beaching

Norwegian shipbreaker Grieg Green plans to open a new facility to scrap vessels and offshore installations in India or Bangladesh where recycling of vessels will be performed responsibly, as in China and Turkey. Beaching will never be an acceptable method, CEO Petter Heier tells ShippingWatch.

Consultant behind Maersk report: It may be too costly to improve Alang

There will always be a major risk related to shipbreaking on beaches such as Alang. Furthermore, solving these problems would be so expensive that efforts should perhaps be placed elsewhere, says one of the consultants behind a report on shipbreaking, commissioned by Maersk last year.

Skibsopkøber støtter danske redere i beaching

GMS forsvarer beaching og peger på de økonomiske incitamenter som den bedste motor for positive forandringer på ophugningsområdet. Hongkong konvention forbyder ikke beaching, siger GMS-direktør.

Danish shipowners will not banish beaching

The statement from the Norwegian Shipowners' Association condemning beaching in Asia will not be followed by the Danish shipowners. "The picture is more nuanced than just talking geography," Director Maria Bruun Skipper tells ShippingWatch.

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