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EU has no overview of North Korean forced labor

North Korean employees working as forced labor have likely worked on vessels for Maersk and the Danish defence. However, nobody knows exactly how many North Koreans are working in Europe, the EU's foreign affairs representative tells Danish MEP Jeppe Kofod.

EU leaves CO2 regulation to IMO ahead of 2023

The European Union will leave regulation of shipping's CO2 emissions to the IMO until 2023, after which date the EU will launch its own regulations if the IMO has not delivered. This is evident from the EU's final paper, which ShippingWatch is in possession of.

New head of ECSA to break away from bad reputation in Brussels

Shipping has a bad rap as a polluting industry resistant to environmental regulation. However, carriers actually do a lot to reduce emissions, says the new Secretary General for the European Community Shipowner's Association, Martin Dorsman. They just need be better at promoting it.

EU Commission eyes clear advantages in fuel ban

EU politicians in Brussels are hesitant to take the lead when it comes to a ban on fuel with sulfur levels exceeding the upcoming cap. However, the EU Commission does note significant advantages in potentially no longer using this fuel at sea, and expects that a ban is possible.

EU closes doors to North Korean yard workers

At a meeting Monday, the EU plans to tighten sanctions against North Korea. This means that going forward, the EU nations will not be allowed to give work permits to North Koreans. Denmark's Minister for Foreign Affairs supports the move, he tells ShippingWatch.

EU postpones controversial scrapping license

The EU Commission will wait and see how things develop before looking into the possibilities of implementing a so-called scrapping license to make it less attractive for shipowners to change flags on end-of-life vessels. NGO laments the decision, while association Danish Shipping is pleased.

MEP calls for climate signal from IMO leadership

The top level of the IMO ought to send a clear signal to its members that action is needed right now when it comes to the climate. This issue is about more than technical discussions, one EU member of parliament tells ShippingWatch.

Ministers urge EU not to interfere with state aid schemes

The EU Commission's review and efforts to tighten the state subsidy rules for the maritime sector are harmful to shipowners, who could opt to change flags, say ministers of transport and infrastructure from Holland, Denmark, and Sweden.

EU tests possible effect of new container alliances

The EU Commission is informally contacting stakeholders to determine if the prices between Europe and Asia have increased after April 1 this year as a consequence of the fact there are now only three major container alliances left operating.

EU could demand changes to European tonnage tax

The EU confirms that all tax discounts for shipping are currently subject to comprehensive reevaluation. Countries could be forced to change old taxation schemes if they do not meet the latest requirements from 2004, the Commission tells ShippingWatch.

EU preparing restrictions on maritime subsidies

Several EU nations are currently subject to comprehensive reviews of their subsidies to carriers and maritime businesses. The EU Commission is preparing a more restrictive practice, ShippingWatch is told.

Shipowners warn that EU's maritime industry is under pressure

A new report from the European Community Shipowners' Associations, ECSA, concludes that the EU's maritime industry is under pressure from new shipping hubs around the world such as Singapore and Dubai. Find the shipowners four-point wish list here.

This is the role shipping plays in the EU

The European Community Shipowners' Association has commissioned Oxford Economics to calculate the role of the shipping industry in the EU's economy, as well as how many jobs the industry creates. Read the conclusions from the full report here.

Shipowners and ports in direct disagreement on EU's CO2 plan

The maritime sphere in Europe is far from in agreement when it comes to limiting CO2 emissions from shipping. While the shipowners are highly critical of the European Parliament's plan to include CO2 in a cap trading system, the ports praise the proposal. "Most unfortunate," say the shipowners.

ICS calls on EU nations to reject quota scheme

The International Chamber of Shipping, ICS, calls on EU member states to vote against the European Parliament's adoption of a quota scheme for shipping Wednesday. ICS says that the proposal ignores the work already done by IMO in the area.

EU votes to include shipping in CO2 quota scheme

The European Parliament has voted in favor of including the shipping sector in the EU emission trading scheme, ETS. "A poor solution," says shipowners' association. The EU Commission and Council will now have to approve the decision before it can be finalized.

EU Commission criticizes IMO inertia

A dispute has flared up again between the EU and the IMO, over which entity is responsible for taking action to reduce carbon emissions from the shipping sector. Responding to ShippingWatch, the EU Commission explains why this matter has turned into a public battle.

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