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Denmark sends out aircraft in anti-piracy effort

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The Danish government will issue Challenger aircraft to monitor the Indian Ocean and provide security for vessel traffic in the region, where piracy has sparked up again over the past few months. The aircraft will help to "hinder terror financing and organized crime," says Danish foreign affairs minister Anders Samuelsen.

Cost of fighting piracy rises again

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After several years of lower expenses in the fight against piracy, costs have once again increased according to the latest report from Oceans Beyond Piracy. "Piracy still poses a significant threat to shipping," says the Danish Shipowners' Association. Read the entire report here.

Somali pirates hijack vessel

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Somali pirates have hijacked a vessel with the intention of using it as a mothership for attacks on larger vessels, say Somali police according to Reuters. This comes shortly after another commercial vessel was hijacked in the region for the first time in five years.

Argument may have led to hijacking of oil tanker

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Disagreements between the operator of a Malaysian oil tanker and the crew on board are allegedly the reason why the oil tanker disappeared without a trace on Tuesday after departing from a port in Malaysia. Local authorities say the vessel is now located at an island near Singapore.

IMB: Sea piracy at 21-year low

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Sea piracy has dropped to its lowest levels since the mid 1990s, according to the latest report from the International Maritime Bureau. However, in one spot things are rapidly moving in the wrong direction.

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