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Spanish dockworkers herald new strikes

IDC.jpg Ports:

Negotiations between Spanish dockworkers and the ports have not resulted in agreement. The unions have heralded more strikes in June and ports as well as carriers are hard hit. A spokesperson tells ShippingWatch that the EU cannot resolve this labor conflict.

Global port strikes postponed to March 23

150906 TCB Barcelona container terminal photo.jpg Ports:

The dockworkers organized in the International Dockworkers' Council (IDC) have postponed the strikes otherwise scheduled to take place in ports across the world on Friday, March 10, to instead March 23. But IDC has withdrawn from the so-called social dialog headed by the EU.

Port strikes could go global on Friday

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The International Dockworkers' Council is planning coordinated strikes in Europe and the rest of the world on Friday to signal solidarity with the Spanish port workers, which are currently in a conflict with the government concerning a new bill.

Intertanko fiercely attacks ruling in oil disaster

38213100 - 13_11_2013 - Spain Oil Disaster -.jpg Carriers:

In defense of Apostolos Mangouras, captain of tanker vessel Prestige, who was recently sentenced to two years of prison for negligence, Intertanko writes that the captain is the scapegoat in a political game that completely acquits the Spanish government in the historic oil disaster.

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