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Maersk and the US shipping lobby under pressure

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The food industry, shipping, and the NGOs - in popular terms, the Iron Triangle - have for decades enjoyed a special status when sending aid from the US, which benefits carriers such as Maersk. But the Triangle is facing tough political pressure. ShippingWatch has looked into a troublesome alliance.

Trump's toughest critic challenges the Jones Act

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The fight against the almost 100-year-old Jones Act, a thorn in the eye of European carriers in particular, has rekindled after Republican Senator John McCain, one of Trump's most ardent critics, is now trying to break from the controversial legislation. ShippingWatch takes a look at a sensitive subject.

Trump appoints new FMC chairman

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The Federal Maritime Commission, which reviews and approves alliances in the container sector, now has a new acting chairman. The US President has appointed Republican Michael Khouri, who will replace Democrat Mario Cordero.

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