CEO Habben Jansen will now pay back Hapag-Lloyd's owners

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Hapag-Lloyd CEO Rolf Habben Jansen heralds a pause in growth for the German carrier in order to digest the mergers with CSAV and UASC and cater to the owners who have lost vast sums in recent years. He does not share the optimism for the market expressed by other carriers.

Shippers want the EU to look into liner rules

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"If the container carriers see themselves as key players in the supply chain, they have failed," European shippers tell ShippingWatch following a members’ meeting Tuesday. The European Shippers' Council is ready to involve the EU to weigh the dominance of the three alliances.

Chairman: Maersk has developed 15 digital prototypes

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Maersk has developed 15 digital prototypes, says Maersk's departing chairman Michael Pram Rasmussen at the Maersk General Assembly in Copenhagen on Tuesday. He also expresses "pride" at the work being done by Maersk at shipbreaking facilities in India.

Maersk Line: Anti-corruption effort working

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The container carrier has from 2015 to 2016 virtually eliminated the use of so-called facilitation payments, namely the mild form of bribes as payment in the form of, for instance, cigarettes for pilots, customs officials, and port authorities, reports Danish media dr.dk.

Last week's top stories on ShippingWatch

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Shipowner Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg opened up about the sale of Stena Weco to Stena Bulk, Maersk Group CEO Søren Skou is building a new CEO Office, and the dry bulk shares have skyrocketed in 2017 so far. Here are this week's top picks on ShippingWatch.

Unifeeder hit by dominance of German banks

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The downturn in German shipping means that a smaller number of banks have now taken over a large number of feeder vessels from ailing shipowners. This development was noted at Unifeeder in the first half of 2016, as charter prices increased. Yet this trend has turned around, says CEO Jesper Kristensen.

HSH Nordbank has scaled down container exposure

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HSH Nordbank has reorganized its shipping portfolio and has thus significantly reduced its exposure to the container segment. Christian Nieswandt, global head of shipping, tells ShippingWatch about the future prioritization for the billions of euros the bank has invested in shipping.

Shippers not happy with all-time low rates

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It is not necessarily a good thing that the freight rates for container vessels are hovering at historical lows, says Nik Delmeire, Secretary General of the European Shippers' Council. He is puzzled at why the carriers are struggling so much, as he sees no fierce competition.

This is how Maersk Line will digitize its fleet

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Maersk Line annually earmarks a double-digit million-dollar figure to roll out a digital strategy for its fleet, says Niels Bruus, the carrier's head of future solutions for fleet management and technology. All Maersk Line's vessels are expected to be digitally linked by 2018.

Zim suffers big full-year deficit for 2016

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Israeli container carrier Zim finished 2016 with a major deficit on the bottom line in 2016 despite increasing cargo volumes during the year. Yet the carrier turned a profit in the fourth quarter, and this development will continue, projects CEO Rafi Danieli.

Maersk Line takes baby steps into Iran

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Maersk Line returned to Iran in the fall of 2016 after western sanctions against the country were eased. The carrier's presence remains minimal, but the market of 80 million people is definitely interesting, says Christian Juul-Nyholm, Managing Director of Maersk Line in the region.

Here is an overview of the Maersk annual report

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Maersk Line, the world's largest container carrier and the Maersk Group's core business, emerged from 2016 with a resounding loss, and the group as a whole lost nearly USD 2 billion, mainly due to the offshore segment. Here is an overview of Wednesday's annual report from Maersk.

Taiwanese carrier beats Maersk in reliability

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Taiwanese carrier Wan Hai has knocked Maersk out of first place in the ranking of the most reliable global carriers. Maersk Line has dropped down to number five on SeaIntel's annual list. However, this is not because the Danish carrier is getting worse at keeping to its schedule.

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Jefferies: Maersk Line once again on track for profit

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In the first analysis from a major investment bank ahead of the Maersk Group's annual report on Wednesday next week, Jefferies estimates that the container industry is currently enjoying developments strong enough to send Maersk Line into the black in the fourth quarter after the downturn that characterized the rest of 2016.