Most of the world's container tonnage has moved to tax havens

Almost three fourths of the world's aggregate container tonnage is flagged in tax haven countries. This marks a huge surge compared to 1980, shows a review by analyst firm SeaIntel.

A big trend among container shipowners over the past 40 years has been to flag their vessels in tax haven registers, shows a review from SeaIntel covering an investigation of which nations host the world's container tonnage in their registers.

In 1980, 12 percent of the global fleet of container ships was flagged in tax havens. In 2017, the same figure came to 74 percent, according to the review, in which SeaIntel uses a US Congress definition of which nations can be characterized as tax havens.

Source: SeaIntel

The review also shows that the six largest flag states this year are tax havens. The exception is number seven – a spot held by Denmark.

The top six are Liberia, Panama, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, and the Marshall Islands.

Source: SeaIntel

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