Pirates in Somalia are suspected of hijacking yet another ship, reports news agency Reuters based on information from a security company.

This would be the third hijacking in a short period after several years in the region without incident, particularly due to the presence of international naval vessels.

An official from Puntland Marine Police Force announced that the dry cargo ship is sailing under the Tuvalu flag under the name OS35.

Graeme Gibbon-Brooks, who heads security firm Dryad Maritime Intelligence, says according to Reuters that the hijacking has been confirmed in the industry.

UKMTO, The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, which coordinates shipping in the Gulf of Aden, announced Saturday that it received notice that a ship was under attack and had likely been hijacked by pirates.

Last month, Somalian pirates hijacked a tanker vessel (depicted), the first such incident in the region since 2012, but they withdrew after a stand-off with a Somalian security patrol.

English Edit: Lena Rutkowski

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