Baltic Sea ports regain cargo lost following Russian downturn


The ports by the Baltic Sea seem to be catching up after the downturn they experienced when sanctions were introduced against Russia in 2014 in response to the Crimea crisis, according to a new analysis from SeaIntel.

Published 20.12.16 at 15:22

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Spanish dockworkers herald strikes in May and June

IDC.jpg Ports:

Spain's government seems to have a majority backing for a new legislative proposal which would privatize Spanish ports after 15 years of deadlock. Unions have already retaliated and call for widespread strikes in May and June. "They cheated us," state the dockworkers.

Vestager clarifies regulation for state subsidies to ports


The EU Commission has introduced new rules for state subsidies to ports. This will make it easier and more simple for member countries to invest, and is expected to reduce the number of cases in need of approval from the commission.

The Gothenburg port conflict enters a new stage of deadlock


The Port of Gothenburg has now been hit by APM Terminals' lock-out in the intense conflict with port workers. For this reason, the port company has been forced to limit service throughout the rest of May and the month of June. Customers are leaving the port due to the conflict.

Possible strikes in Spanish ports hinge on the next two days


After the Spanish government successfully adopted a decree to open competition in the country's ports, a large-scale conflict now looms and could erupt on Wednesday. Meetings on Monday and Tuesday will decide what happens.

U.S. longshoremen earn three times average national wage


The unionized American longshoremen earn significantly more than the average worker in the U.S., writes SeaIntel in an analysis.

New strike hits Port of Gothenburg as talks collapse


Starting at 4 pm CET on Tuesday and lasting 24 hours, APM Terminal's Gothenburg facilities will be at a standstill. An attempt to trip up Swedish exports, says APM Terminals Gothenburg CEO Henrik Kristensen.

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New shipping fund with Maersk players makes first acquisition

Henrik Ramskov.jpg Tanker:

Navigare Capital Partners, a new investment company targeting the shipping industry, has made its first investment in two product tankers. "We will invest in different segments," CEO Henrik Ramskov tells ShippingWatch.

Norway to accelerate oil drillings in the Barents Sea


Norway's minister for petroleum and energy wants to facilitate new drillings in the Barents Sea as soon as possible to make sure that Norway does not lag behind in the Arctic race against Russia.

Iraq paves way for OPEC deal with support for 9-month extension to cuts


One of the last remaining obstacles to forming a deal at the OPEC meeting in Vienna this week has been removed. Now Iraq will back a Russian and Saudi Arabian proposal to extend oil output cuts for 9 months.

Concordia CEO welcomes tough tanker year


Concordia Maritime's CEO is confident that his carrier is well padded for a challenging year in product tanker. And the Swedish carrier is watching the second-hand market, he says.

Seadrill's market value has plunged big-time in 2017


The share price of John Fredriksen's drilling company Seadrill has declined drastically since the turn of the year. Ahead of the interim report set for release Wednesday morning, analysts note that the company has been unable to settle its announced restructuring.

Lightship returned to profit in 2016


Shipbroker Lightship delivered a profit for 2016 and thus eradicated its deficit from 2016. The company anticipates an even better 2017.