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APM Terminals expects to launch operations of scandal-stricken port soon


The port in Guatemala which APM Terminals acquired earlier this year as part of a Spanish terminal group, and which turned out to be plagued by severe corruption accusations, is expected to launch operations soon, APM Terminals tells ShippingWatch.

Published 22.12.16 at 15:15

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U.S. longshoremen earn three times average national wage

12165%20-%20Ship%20to%20Shore%20Cranes.jpg Ports:

The unionized American longshoremen earn significantly more than the average worker in the U.S., writes SeaIntel in an analysis.

New strike hits Port of Gothenburg as talks collapse


Starting at 4 pm CET on Tuesday and lasting 24 hours, APM Terminal's Gothenburg facilities will be at a standstill. An attempt to trip up Swedish exports, says APM Terminals Gothenburg CEO Henrik Kristensen.

APM Terminals must pay again for Guatemalan port


Although APM Terminals has already paid once for Guatemala's important Terminal de Contenedores Quetzal, the Maersk-owned port operator has accepted to pay an additional sum of money in the wake of the ongoing bribery case.

World's largest port company changes investment strategy


"The problem is that we, in the industry, keep employing the same strategies we always have," Tan Chong Meng, CEO of the world's largest port company, PSA, tells ShippingWatch. Now PSA will do away with the strategy dictating more size, more capacity.

Evergas: Three big challenges in trading with Iran


The world's presumably second-largest gas deposits are ready for export in Iran, on which trade sanctions are now being lifted. But there is a long way to go before the flow of gas will once again trade out of Iran, the carrier tells ShippingWatch. Lauritzen Kosan agrees.

HMM targets more terminals in Asia


South Korea's biggest shipping group after the collapse of Hanjin Shipping, Hyundai Merchant Marine, is looking to acquire terminals in several Asian growth nations, says the carrier's CEO.

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Countdown to the alliances' battle for Asia-Europe

hamburgsud4.jpg Container:

The container carriers divided themselves into three major alliances during 2016, and in April these alliances will start to battle it out on the industry's key tradelane from Asia to North Europe. SeaIntel tries to pick a winner among 2M, Ocean Alliance, and The Alliance.

Thorco chairman: German banks are monopolizing the market


The multipurpose carrier Thorco Projects is working to create an alternative to new and large companies in Germany, where the banks have boosted an industry consolidation, says chariman.

ECSA sees one upside to the EU's scrapping regulations


The European Community Shipowners' Associations, ECSA, has voiced fierce criticism toward the EU's list of approved ship recycling facilities. But the association is now taking a more positive stance, viewing the list as a means that can help ensure implementation of the Hong Kong convention.

Oil output is diving – but what about the US?


The countries behind the agreement to reduce the oil output have so far been able to cut production by 1.5 million barrels per day. This happens while the number of active oil rigs in the US is on the rise, notes Global Risk Management.

Citigroup kicks off sale of HSH Nordbank


The efforts to find a buyer for German shipping bank HSH Nordbank are now officially underway, states Citigroup, which is handling the sale, in a statement Monday.

Svitzer increases activities in Brazil


Svitzer will more than double the number of tugs under Brazilian flag, so that the fleet will reach ten vessels by the end of the year. The Maersk Group's carrier is also expanding its Brazilian business, which has secured two new execs.