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Danish yards: Denmark back as shipbuilding nation


Orskov Yards' result for the year is just one of several positive stories from the Danish shipyard industry. As opposed to its closest competitors the Danish yards made it through the crisis in solid form. "We're a shipbuilding nation," says Danish Maritime.

Photo: Stena Bulk
Published 09.01.14 at 14:05

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DNV GL: Three things to drive innovation in the future of shipping

Damco.jpg Services:

Three factors will be decisive for innovation in the shipping industry. Find the factors below.

Univan: We will manage 130 ships by 2015


Ship management looks set to face a very good year. Hong Kong-based Univan expects growth rates of 15-20 percent, says CEO Bjørn Højgaard in an interview with ShippingWatch.

DNV GL losing tonnage following merger


The merger between Norwegian DNV and German GL was approved almost ten months ago, creating the world's largest classification company. The company saves millions with the collaboration, though it is also losing some tonnage, CEO Henrik Madsen tells ShippingWatch.

DNB: The great offshore test to come in 2015


Offshore companies will not experience the consequences of the oil plunge until the end of this year and the beginning of the next, DNB's Global Head Shipping, Offshore & Logistics, Kristin H. Holth, tells ShippingWatch in a comment on the bank's annual report.

Wrist open to EMS Seven Seas' commercial unit


Supreme Group's acquisition of Norwegian EMS Seven Seas opens the door to a consolidation of the commercial part of the ship supply market. Danish Wrist Ship Supply is always open to a solid offer, management tells ShippingWatch.

Nordea: 2015 and 2016 will be good to shipping


The shipping industry will do much better in just two years, Head of Shipping Hans Christian Kjelsrud tells ShippingWatch. Developments in offshore set to slow down.

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Did APM Terminals' HQ sanction Pipavav deals?

APM Terminals Rotterdam.jpg Ports:

How much did the compliance division in the Hague know about the deals that led to the dramatic dismissal of three senior executives at APM Terminals. ShippingWatch's sources inform that the Hague had cleared the deals in the Indian port Pipavav.

Torm's aging fleet matches new eco-design vessels


2014 did not bring an answer to the question of how much better the new eco-design product tanker vessels are compared to older and upgraded ships. Torm's fleet, with an average age at the high end of the scale, seems to largely match younger fleets.

China's largest yard affected by arrest


Heavily indebted Rongsheng has canceled a warrant issue, which would have provided a much needed cash lifeline of USD 416 million. The only investor has apparently been arrested, according to Reuters.

More equity Funds to exit shipping in 2015 and 2016


The numerous private investors who entered shipping after the financial crisis of 2008, are now increasingly trying to pull out of the industry. The equity funds' exit will accelerate in 2015 and 2016, investment bank Jefferies tells Reuters.

Alphaliner: Maersk to keep 23 percent of oil savings


Maersk Line will presumably try to retain 23 percent of the total savings on fuel in 2015, says Alphaliner on the basis of numbers from the carrier and its expected consumption in 2015.

The shipping industry's seven requests for the EU


The European shipping organizations have a number of requests for the European Union as listed in a review of the EU's Maritime Transport Policy, released during the European Shipping Week in Brussels.