New Swedish study: Open-loop scrubbers produce significant pollution

A new study by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute has tested wash water from open-loop scrubbers. The tests show that untreated wash water from open-loop scrubbers contains significant levels of pollution and is harmful to the marine environment. Researchers behind the study express concerns about the long-term consequences.


US issued several warnings to Denmark about Dan-Bunkering

At least twice the Danish foreign ministry was warned by US authorities that Dan-Bunkering was involved in jet fuel deliveries to Syria according to Danish media DR. The Danish fraud squad, intelligence service, business authority and local police were also warned. In spite of these warnings, delivery continued.


Good times for rig companies not likely to return

Oil companies were living beyond their means before the downturn. As such, rig companies should not count on the market ever becoming as good again. Meanwhile, capital sources have largely dried out – though there are subtle signs of improvement.


Logistics companies struggle with Brexit expenses

Sliding profit margins pose difficulties for logistics companies in paying for Brexit preparations, concludes a new report from the UK's Freight Transport Association. 37 percent of companies participating in the survey have not yet taken steps to prepare.

Scrubber installations send rates soaring


More tanker, dry bulk and container vessels were taken off the market in June to have scrubbers installed, sending rates soaring, according to analyst firm. Combined with a small order book, the supply side is "probably the best we have seen the last 15-20 years".


New Job

  • Caroline Yang

    New title: Chairman
    New employer: Singapore Shipping Association
  • Carsten Mortensen

    New title: Manager and partner
    New employer: Dee4 Capital Partners
  • Geir Bruvik Mjelde

    New title: CEO
    New employer: Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi
  • Jens Grønning

    New title: CEO
    New employer: Navig8 Chemical Tankers

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Vitol building refinery for low-sulfur oil

Commodity trader Vitol is building a small-scale refinery in Malaysia, which will become part of the company's setup to supply low-sulfur fuel oil when the new sulfur regulations come into force.

Trade tensions slow down Evergas' ambitions for more ships

2018 was far from the turning point Evergas had hoped for. The gas shipping company's future lies in the ethane market from the US to China, but the trade war has slowed down the plans to buy even more ships, CEO Steffen Jacobsen tells ShippingWatch.

Creditors postpone rig company's insolvency

Dolphin Drilling's creditors have requested that an insolvency ruling for the rig company be postponed until tomorrow, Wednesday. The company, however, reiterates that it will still be insolvent even if a solution is found.

Creditors extend offshore carrier's debt payments

Dof Subsea, which is struggling to settle a restructuring plan, has agreed with its creditors to postpone debt payments on a loan to the fall. The shipping company is also looking to change loan agreements.

Rig company could go bankrupt today

Rig company Dolphin Drilling, formerly Fred. Olsen Energy, has been unable to land a rescue plan and will file for bankruptcy if an agreement is not reached with creditors Tuesday.

EU Commissioner hopes for extension of container block exemption

If EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc has her way, the container sector's consortia block exemption regulation should be extended, she says in an interview with ShippingWatch. The regulation gives liner companies certain competitive edges, and it is currently being reviewed.

New mega-orders will have minimal impact on container market

Orders for what might end up being 15 new mega-vessels from Hapag-Lloyd and Evergreen, announced last week, will not have a significant impact on the market, says Lars Jensen, CEO of Seaintelligence Consulting. Sources confirm Hapag-Lloyd's interest in six new vessels to ShippingWatch.

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