MSC responds to CO2 emission criticism

In a statement, MSC rejects the list that was published recently in which the company is ranked as Europe's eighth-biggest emitter of CO2. The list is an incomplete analysis of the data, says the shipping company.

Kitack Lim will go to Brussels to discuss CO2


IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim warns the EU about disrupting the efforts to reduce shipping's pollution globally. His warning comes after the EU Commission announced its plans to place shipping under the European emissions trading system.

Clipper sells three dry bulk ships


Clipper's CEO Peter Norborg confirms to ShippingWatch that the shipping company has sold three vessels. According to sources, the company now owns 11 vessels.

IMO 2020

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Trump approves US-China trade deal to halt Dec. 15 tariffs

US President Donald Trump gave his approval for an initial trade deal with China, say people with knowledge of the matter. The deal entails China buying more US agricultural goods and halts the introduction of new US tariffs slated for Dec. 15.

Shipbuilder expects to make millions on scrubbers and ballast water

Fayard's CEO Thomas Andersen expects to this year gain DKK 300 million on the top line from environment-related orders, which have become a crucial part of the company's business. This article is part of ShippingWatch's series on the environmental regulations' impact on shipbuilders.

ONE joins digital exchange in New York

Ocean Network Express, ONE, becomes the latest container line to join the digital contract platform New York Shipping Exchange. Seven of the major shipping companies are now on board.


Philippine shipowners fear shortage of fuel after 2020

Oil companies in the Philippines are not ready to supply low-sulfur fuel oil, says the chairman of the country's shipowners' association. He says the IMO should exempt the Philippines from the new sulfur regulation until the country is ready.


Owners buy more second-hand ships

The purchasing of second-hand ships has increased significantly since 2018, shows an analysis from Danish Shipping, according to Børsen. The development is attributed to good prices and uncertainty surrounding future environmental regulations.

Maersk's share price at highest level in two years

Maersk CEO Søren Skou has lost two prominent management colleagues within a month, the US-China trade conflict remains unsettled and the new sulfur regulations take effect in 20 days. And yet, Maersk equity is at its highest level in two years.

Ackermann leaves BW LPG without a new job at hand

After close to four and a half years heading BW LPG, Martin Ackermann now steps down to instead spend more time with his family. He does not yet know what the next step in his career will be, he tells ShippingWatch.

EU's new climate plan will bring CO2 quotas for shipping

The new EU Commission has presented 50 initiatives that together will produce a CO2-neutral EU by 2050. Much against its own will, shipping will be included in the CO2 quota scheme. Tax exemptions on maritime fuels are set to end. Read the entire plan here.

Old ships are the tanker owners' secret weapon

If the rates take a dive, there are so many scrap-ready tanker ships in the market that the shipping companies themselves have a certain degree of control over supply and demand, Euronav CEO Hugo de Stoop tells ShippingWatch.

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