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Report points to MSC as major European carbon emitter

In a report by Transport & Environment, MSC has entered the list of the ten largest emitters of CO2 in Europe, surpassed only by coal-fired power plants. "We are investing in bringing down emissions," MSC tells ShippingWatch in its response.

Europe controls the majority of the global container fleet

Acquisitions of competing container lines and ongoing fleet expansions have left a significant amount of control of the global container fleet on European hands. Two shipping companies in particular led this development in the past two decades.

Hapag-Lloyd appoints new CFO

German container shipping line Hapag-Lloyd has appointed a new CFO, who will take over the position from March 1, 2020, replacing the company's current chief financial officer.

Hapag-Lloyd's captains could learn from Virgin Atlantic's pilots

The container industry is trying to grab the benefits other industries have already reaped. One of them is to learn from pilots’ behavior. For Hapag-Lloyd, innovation has been quite a journey, Head of Fleet Support Center Jörn Springer tells ShippingWatch.

Hapag-Lloyd sees Africa as its new growth continent

While economic development is slowing in China, Hapag-Lloyd adds Africa to the list of growth continents with the potential to drive container growth. And the market share should be in line with Hapag-Lloyd's global market share.

Maersk upgrades 2019 guidance following growth in core business

A.P. Møller Maersk increases its expectations for 2019's operating result. The upgrade is attributed to improvements in the core business Ocean as well as Terminal & Towage. Meanwhile, Maersk presents revenue and operations figures for the third quarter.

Digitization has switched gears in the container industry

The closing of 300Cubits is not necessarily representative of the general progress in digitizing the container industry. A review of the most recent big initiatives shows that digitization is gaining a foothold in several places. Hapag-Lloyd's booking platform is one example.

Portchain lands partnership with Hapag-Lloyd

Startup Portchain has secured its first deal with a major shipping line as Hapag-Lloyd has agreed to use the company's platform. The deal spans multiple years and comes at a time when digital entrepreneurs in shipping will have to prove that they can deliver on their word.

Major 2020 challenge impacts J. Lauritzen earlier than expected

J. Lauritzen is opting for 0.5 percent fuels to comply with the new sulfur regulations entering force next year. Right now traditional fuels are also on the agenda in the shipping company's dedicated 2020 group. In a series of articles, ShippingWatch gives an exclusive insight into J. Lauritzen and Hapag-Lloyd's preparations for IMO 2020.

Follow Hapag-Lloyd and J. Lauritzen's preparations for IMO 2020

ShippingWatch has been granted exclusive access to the internal considerations being made by pace-setting shipping companies Hapag-Lloyd and J. Lauritzen ahead of Jan. 1, 2020, and the decisions that need to be made in order to ensure that everything is ready for the new sulfur regulations. Follow the series in the months to come.

Hapag-Lloyd enters insurance market with digital product

German Hapag-Lloyd now wants to sell freight insurance to its customers with a new online service especially targeted at small and mid-sized shippers. The container line thus follows Maersk, which launched a similar product last year.

Analyst says CMA CGM's growth ambitions come at a price

French container line CMA CGM increased its volumes in the second quarter. According to Lars Jensen, CEO at Seaintelligence Consulting, this signals that the company, unlike the competitors, has chosen to pursue a path entailing a market share hunt. But this strategy comes at a cost, he says.

CMA CGM Group second quarter bottom line lands in the red

CMA CGM Group boosted revenue and increased container volumes in the second quarter "despite an uncertain worldwide geopolitical environment," writes the company. The bottom line, however, drops significantly compared to last year, landing in the red.

Mega ships cut services on Asia-Europe tradelane

While increasingly larger container vessels have entered the main tradelane between Asia and Europe, opposite developments have applied to the number of services. And this will continue for the next couple of years, according to Sea-Intelligence.

Container lines grow their businesses

Nine of the world's largest container lines increased their revenue in the second quarter. The highest revenue is found at Maersk, although the shipping line also booked the lowest growth.

Alphaliner downgrades growth on container market

Alphaliner has long been confident that the container market would grow by 3.5 percent in 2019, but the firm now downgrades this forecast due to the ongoing trade conflict. US President Donald Trump's latest announcement of more tariffs do not factor into the latest estimate.

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