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Crews from Torm and Anglo-Eastern ships to be vaccinated under new US program

Seafarers from two Torm ships will be vaccinated against Covid-19 today and tomorrow under a new US vaccination program. CEO Jacob Meldgaard, who also chairs Danish Shipping, urges other countries to follow suit. "This is really important for seafarers," he tells ShippingWatch. Anglo-Eastern has also accepted the vaccine program.

Bjørn Højgaard expects a worsened crew-change crisis in 2021

Changing crews on ships remains difficult after several countries have been hit by increasing coronavirus infection rates. These developments have prompted concern that the crisis may grow larger in 2021 than last year, according to Anglo-Eastern CEO Bjørn Højgaard.

Corona og besætningsskift har kostet Anglo-Eastern dyrt

Udfordringer under coronakrisen har kostet dyrt hos Anglo-Easterns 2020, lyder det fra Bjørn Højgaard, CEO i Anglo-Eastern, i et interview med ShippingWatch, hvor han ser tilbage på året. Indtil videre løber regningen op i 20 mio. dollar.

Coronakrisen har kostet Anglo-Eastern 20 mio dollar

Udfordringerne under coronakrisen har kostet dyrt hos Anglo-Eastern i 2020, lyder det fra CEO Bjørn Højgaard. I et interview med ShippingWatch ser han tilbage på et ekstraordinært år. Indtil videre løber regningen op i 20 mio. dollar.

Shipmanagement company urges seafarers to stay home

According to German shipmanagement company Danica, crew changes should be suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus. This goes against what others in the industry have said as well as the efforts already in the works by international shipping association ICS.

Corona diary from Hong Kong: Anglo-Eastern and the city have changed

Anglo-Eastern takes precautions at its headquarters in Hong Kong, drawing upon experiences from the Sars outbreak. In particular, the shipmanagement company is experiencing problems elsewhere in the world, says the CEO. This article is the first in a series in which ShippingWatch meets key people in the world's most important shipping hubs during the corona crisis.

Anglo-Eastern CEO warns against delicate scrubbers

In principle, Anglo-Eastern CEO Bjørn Højgaard is not against scrubbers as one of the means to comply with the sulfur cap from Jan. 1, 2020. But he is convinced that daily operations and maintenance can be very costly, he says in an interview with ShippingWatch.

"The customer is not always right"

One rarely hears a shipping company utter this phrase. But Anglo-Eastern Univan wants to pursue its own path, "even though we'll probably achieve lower returns than our listed competitors," says the company's CEO Bjørn Højgaard in an interview with ShippingWatch.

Bjørn Højgaard: Merger will provide new strength

Univan has, with the merger with Anglo-Eastern Group, become one of the world's two largest companies in ship management. CEO Bjørn Højgaard tells ShippingWatch what kind of business he will now be heading and how the merger will make a difference.

Bjørn Højgaard: Fusion skal give ny gennemslagskraft

Univan er med fusionen med Anglo-Eastern Group blevet et af verdens to største selskaber inden for shipmanagement. CEO Bjørn Højgaard fortæller til ShippingWatch, hvilken forretning han nu skal stå i spidsen for, og hvordan fusionen skal gøre en forskel.

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