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Ardent makes entrance into offshore after oil crisis

Ardent has now won several decommissioning contracts for drilling platforms after years of trying to get its foot in the door. "I think that many players in the oil industry have a mantra which goes 'low oil price forever'," the CEO tells ShippingWatch.

Maersk impaired Ardent investment after tough year

Maersk Group took an impairment on its investment in Ardent due to a significant decline in the market in 2016. But this year is going much better for the salvor, which has won its biggest job this year with vessel Kea Trader, CEO tells ShippingWatch.

Ardent joins forces with Spanish salvor Ardentia

Ardent, a joint venture between Svitzer and US-based Titan, have formally partnered with Spanish group Ardentia, which provides salvaging and engineering activities with a special focus on Spain and Portugal.

Ardent targets billion-dollar decommissioning market

Maersk and Crowley's salvage joint-venture, Ardent, sees a significant potential in dismantling offshore installations in the wake of the poor oil market. ShippingWatch has interviewed Ardent's CEO Peter Pietka.

Rena wreck becomes second-most expensive ever

The wreck of container ship Rena off the coast of New Zealand steps prominently into statistics as the second-most expensive shipwreck ever, surpassed only by the Costa Concordia incident.

Ardent takes oil recovery to new depths

The salvage industry has up until now normally recovered oil from wrecks located no more than 100 meters below the surface. Now partially Maersk-owned Ardent will recover oil from a Russian wreck located three kilometers below the surface.

Ardent suger olie op fra vrag på hidtil usete dybder

Hidtil har bjærgningsindustrien normalt hentet olie op fra skibsvrag, der befandt sig op til 100 meter under overfladen. Nu skal det delvis Maersk-ejede Ardent hente olie op fra et russisk vrag, der ligger på tre kilometers dybde.

Svitzer byder på hævningen af koreansk ulykkesfærge

Den sydkoreanske passagerfærge Sewol, der sank pludseligt i april 2014 og kostede mere end 300 mennesker livet, skal nu hæves. I dag er der åbnet for bud på kontrakten, der vurderes at ligge på omkring 600 millioner kroner. Svitzer byder ind, oplyser selskabet til ShippingWatch.

Ardent CEO: We'll be the biggest salvor in the world

Svitzer's salvage division has joined forces with the biggest carrier in the US, Crowley, to create the world's largest salvage company. Svitzer CEO Robert Uggla is - in a surprise to some - not part of the board. ShippingWatch has interviewed coming Ardent CEO Peter Pietka.

Ardents CEO: Vi skaber verdens største bjærgningsselskab

Svitzers bjærgningsdivision er gået sammen med amerikanske Crowley om at skabe verdens største bjærgningsselskab. Svitzers CEO Robert Uggla er til nogens overraskelse ikke med i bestyrelsen. ShippingWatch har interviewet Ardents kommende topchef Peter Pietka.

Svitzer i stor fusion med amerikansk selskab

Maersk-ejede Svitzer og amerikanske Crowley Maritime, der bl.a. stod bag bjærgningen af krydstogtskibet Costa Concordia, fusionerer deres bjærgningsforretninger i et nyt globalt selskab.

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