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Ardmore buys six MR vessels

Irish carrier Ardmore has bought six MR class product chemical tankers and sold shares in order to partly finance the purchase. Ardmore's shares declined 10 percent on Wednesday.

Ardmore exits 2015 with record profit

Product tanker carrier Ardmore achieved an all-time high result in 2015, according to CEO Anthony Gurnee, who notes that the orderbook in the sector is the lowest in 15 years and he has a positive outlook on the future after a refinancing of debts.

Product tanker elite in close race for earnings

Hafnia Tankers delivers significantly above the market in earnings on the large product tankers, while the world's largest owner of eco-newbuildings, Scorpio Tankers, lags behind. ShippingWatch has collected the results from the top of the crop in product tanker.

Torm's aging fleet matches new eco-design vessels

2014 did not bring an answer to the question of how much better the new eco-design product tanker vessels are compared to older and upgraded ships. Torm's fleet, with an average age at the high end of the scale, seems to largely match younger fleets.

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