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BW Energy gets 700 new shareholders

BW Energy's initial public offering has been concluded with significant interest from Norwegian as well as foreign investors, writes the parent company in a notice.

Ackermann leaves BW LPG without a new job at hand

After close to four and a half years heading BW LPG, Martin Ackermann now steps down to instead spend more time with his family. He does not yet know what the next step in his career will be, he tells ShippingWatch.

BW Dry Cargo's fleet grows to 20 ships

BW Group's bulk venture BW Dry Cargo will have a fleet of 20 ships when the last newbuilds are delivered from an order of nine ships in total. Asset play is the core of the business now and going forward, Managing Director Christian Bonfils tells ShippingWatch.

BW Group wants to cash in on DHT shares

BW Group wants to sell off a large slice of its shares in tanker company DHT Holdings. The Singapore-based shipping group became a major shareholder of the company when DHT purchased 11 supertankers from BW.

Hafnia's listing provides good indication of its value

Hafnia lists its stock on Norwegian exchange Oslo Axess under the Oslo Stock Exchange. Its book-building process, taking place on Oct. 31, gives a good indication of the price its shares will be traded at, and thus the shipping company's value.

BW Group is looking into new decarbonization methods

BW Group has invested in the application of batteries to the maritime industry, and banks on LPG and LNG as fuel for part of its fleet. Measuring carbon emissions meaningfully, however, remains the crucial question, Chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao tells ShippingWatch.

France wants EU tax on ship fuel

France wants an EU tax on ship fuel and planes to bring down greenhouse gas emissions. Several major shipping lines like Maersk and BW Group have previously recommended one type of tax on shipping's fuel.

Sohmen-Pao: One has to be very brave to order a new ship now

BW Group and the Sohmen-Pao family have positioned themselves as a major consolidating force in shipping over the last couple of years. In an interview with ShippingWatch, Chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao explains what the drivers behind the expansion process are.

BW will spin off and list energy company

BW Group is looking to list its energy company BW Energy, which covers ownership stakes in several oil fields, on the Oslo Stock Exchange. BW Offshore's management will move to BW Energy in July.

Hafnia and Mikael Skov open to more acquisitions

The merger of BW Tankers and Hafnia Tankers into the new Hafnia could be followed up with new acquisitions, says CEO Mikael Skov in an interview with ShippingWatch. He points to one segment as particularly interesting.

Ackermann had his sights set on Epic Gas before BW Group's acquisition

BW LPG, headed by CEO Martin Ackermann, was considering picking up Epic Gas for itself. But it wound up being owner BW Group and Chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao who after a few weeks of negotiations settled a deal. ShippingWatch has spoken to BW LPG and Epic Gas about the perspectives.

BW Group buys majority of Epic Gas

BW Group will acquire at least 51 percent of the shares in Epic Gas, which controls a fleet of 39 LPG ships. As such, BW buys up in the sector following last year's failed attempt to take over Dorian LPG.

Sidste uges bedste på ShippingWatch

Med flere store opkøb stjal tankmarkedet overskrifterne i sidste uge. Nordic Tankers får således ny ejer, mens både Evergas og BW Group har solgt skibe fra. Samtidig var der nyt om DFDS' bestræbelser forud for brexit og shippings omfattende brug af konkurrenceklausuler.

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