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Optimistic bulk carriers went shopping in 2017

2017 exceeded all expectations in the dry bulk market which finally caught a break. The positive development prompted shipowners to order a significant number of new vessels. So far, this is not a cause for concern, but just a few ships could change that, says Bimco.

Bulk rates soared in 2017 thanks to China

Bulk rates soared in 2017 and landed at their highest level in three years this December. China has been the driving force, says Bimco, which predicts more moderate growth rates next year.

Bimco responds to criticism from InfluenceMap

Yesterday, Monday, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) responded to the criticism of the role played by shipowners in international CO2 negotiations in the IMO. Today, Bimco presents its position, which includes a proposal for the IMO strategy.

Tanker carriers could be hit by oil peak earlier than expected

The demand for oil could peak before many stakeholders expect, say several analysts. They advise tanker carriers to take it seriously when setting out future strategy, while there is some indication that at least one carrier is already in the midst of a transition.

Bimco: Dry bulk market is declining again

After some relatively positive months at the beginning of the year, the dry bulk market is now headed in the wrong direction, in terms of showing restraint on new orders and scrapping the aging fleet. The boom for large Capesize ships will not rub off on other segments.

Shipowners present climate targets ahead of IMO meeting

The International Chamber of Shipping and three other interest groups have presented their proposal for two concrete climate requirements for shipping. The news comes ahead of a meeting of IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee. NGOs point to a lack of ambition.

Bimco: Tanker scrapping will quadruple this year

There has been major growth in the number of scrapped oil and product tanker vessels during 2017, but this is not likely to ease the pressure on the tanker market, writes Bimco in a new forecast.

Bimco: China will be driver of the bulk market this year

China is building its infrastructure and this constitutes the dominant factor in the development of the dry bulk market this year, Bimco writes in a new analysis. Brazil is playing an increasingly larger role in the transportation of iron ore.

Bimco: Container fleet set to grow over the next two years

Growth in the global container fleet has never before been as low as in 2016, according to Bimco. But the shipping association projects that this development will change over the next couple of years, and scrapping activity is also expected to decline.

Bimco: Dry bulk sector must adapt to survive

The crisis in the dry bulk sector is so far-reaching that shipowners will have to make significant changes if they hope to survive on the long-term, writes Bimco in a new report. Consolidation and risk management will be key for the dry bulk owners in the new reality, notes the association.

European shipyards soar on orders in 2016

Orders for European shipbuilders increased more than 45 percent in the first eight months of 2016, while Asian yards are hit hard by the lowest number of newbuilding orders in 20 years, notes Bimco.

Bimco sees two percent rise in bulk demand

In a new analysis from Bimco, the international maritime organization outlines the need for scrapping in order to rebalance the market. Demand, projects Bimco, will rise by a mere two percent annually ahead of 2023.

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