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Blue Water hit by cyber attack

Hackers have tried to gain access to data and systems at Danish logistics company Blue Water Shipping. According to the company, the attack was "stopped and limited".

Blue Water's Kazakhstani cash cow nears its expiry date

Blue Water Shipping's major project in Kazakhstan is a significant growth driver in 2020 while several other divisions have struggled due to the coronavirus crisis. New orders in project logistics must be secured, chief executive Søren Nørgaard Thomsen tells ShippingWatch.

Blue Water Shipping banks on Caribbean oil boom

The Danish transportation and logistics company is opening an office in Guyana to benefit from a developing oil market, where Blue Water has collaborated for a few years with ExxonMobil, which has drilled into a big deposit in the country's waters.

Founder will never put Blue Water put up for sale

While the logistics industry is currently experiencing a great deal of consolidation, 72-year-old Kurt Skov emphasizes that Blue Water will remain in the family. The founder is currently in the midst of handing over ownership of the company to his daughter.

Blue Water-founder initiates generational handover

After leading Blue Water for nearly 50 years, founder Kurt Skov now hands off large parts of the company to his daughter Anne Skov. "Blue Water is my life's work, which I would like to see continued by the Skov family," he tells ShippingWatch.

Blue Water chairman: No rush to find new CEO

Blue Water Shipping will begin the search for a new CEO in the fall of 2016 at the earliest, to replace Kim Hedegaard Sørensen, who unexpectedly left the company this January after serving three years as Chief Executive.

Blue Water Shippings ejer træder på vækstbremsen

2015 var ifølge Blue Water Shippings ejer Kurt Skov lidt kedeligt, og 2016 handler om at styrke virksomhedens økonomiske resultat frem for at fortsætte de seneste års ekspansion under den tidligere topchef.

Blue Water Shipping CEO steps down after dispute with owner

After three years as head of Blue Water Shipping, Kim Hedegaard Sørensen is now stepping down from the company. He confirms to ShippingWatch that his departure stems from fundamental disagreements with owner Kurt Skov about the future strategy.

Blue Water laver egen trainee-uddannelse

Blue Water Shipping starter en separat speditøruddannelse. "Der er et stigende krav til kompetencerne i dag," lyder det fra Blue Water Shippings HR-chef Aase Bjerregaard.

Blue Water Shipping skruer op for væksten i 2015

En spirende økonomisk fremgang i de nordiske lande får Blue Water Shippings adm. direktør, Kim Hedegaard Sørensen, til at skrue en tand op for forventningerne i 2015 efter markant fremgang sidste år.

Blue Water Shipping's bottom line grew 80 pct

Blue Water Shipping had a good 2014 in which the bottom line grew by more than 80 percent and the revenue increased 11 percent. "Our position has been strengthened with increased market shares," says Blue Water Shipping CEO Kim Hedegaard Sørensen.

Blue Water Shippings bundlinje vokser med 80 procent

Esbjerg-selskabet Blue Water Shipping har haft et godt 2014, hvor bundlinjen er vokset med 80 procent, og omsætningen er øget med 11 procent. "Vores position er styrket med øgede markedsandele," siger adm. direktør i Blue Water Shipping, Kim Hedegaard Sørensen.

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