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Alle tror på blockchain – men ingen stoler på hinanden

Ni ud af ti shippingchefer tror, at blockchain vil vende op og ned på industrien, men manglende tillid får industrien til at spænde ben for sig selv, mener Boston Consulting Group. Det er Maersks Tradelens og andre platforme et billede på.

Boston Consulting projects bleak container market

Container carriers can forget about the prospect of good times on the horizon. According to a new report from Boston Consulting Group, growth in the sector will remain low. The gap between supply and demand will continue for many more years.

Boston Consulting forudser dystert containermarked

Containerlinerne kan glemme alt om, at der er mere positive tider i udsigt. Ifølge ny rapport fra Boston Consulting Group vil væksten fortsat være lav. Gabet mellem udbud og efterspørgsel vil fortsætte mange år endnu.

New Panama Canal will benefit US East Coast

The expansion of the Panama Canal will bring great benefits for the US ports on the East Coast, where up to 10 percent of container traffic from the US to Asia will shift from West to East, according to a new analysis.

300 newbuildings blocking for healthy container industry

The container ship orderbook must be cut in half if the balance between supply and demand is to reach equilibrium by 2019. "The industry must think radically different in order to make a profit," says Ulrik Sanders, global head of Boston Consulting Group's transport and logistics business.

300 nybygninger blokerer for sund containerindustri

Ordrebogen for containerskibe skal halveres, hvis balancen mellem udbud og efterspørgsel skal finde ligevægt i 2019. "Industrien skal tænke radikalt anderledes, hvis der skal skabes profit," siger Ulrik Sanders, global chef for Boston Consulting Groups transport og logistik forretning.

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