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Owners buy more second-hand ships

The purchasing of second-hand ships has increased significantly since 2018, shows an analysis from Danish Shipping, according to Børsen. The development is attributed to good prices and uncertainty surrounding future environmental regulations.

2019 puts shipping investors to the test

2019 was supposed to be the year in which shipping investors would finally profit from a low supply of vessels, new environmental regulations and economic growth. So far, things have not at all gone according to that plan. ShippingWatch takes a look at some of the benchmark shipping shares.

Bulk Invest bankruptcy hits Western Bulk Chartering

Western Bulk Chartering, which was acquired by Norwegian shipowner Christian Sveaas in a controversial transaction in February this year, sees a tough dry bulk market ahead and is still impacted by the Bulk Invest bankruptcy earlier this year, according to the interim report.

Senior VP resigns from Western Bulk Chartering

The Group Executive VP of Western Bulk Chartering's key business unit has decided to step down after spending more than 15 years with the Norwegian dry bulk carrier. The resignation happened on friendly terms, according to ShippingWatch's sources.

Jens Ismar rejects all accusations of foul play

When Kistefos Equity Operations took over Western Bulk Chartering from Bulk Invest, it all happened by the book, says CEO Jens Ismar in an interview with ShippingWatch. Kistefos had left the room while the board discussed the price and sale of Western Bulk Chartering, he says.

Trustee to scrutinize controversial Bulk Invest divestment

One of the first things the Bulk Invest bankruptcy estate's trustee will look into is the contested divestment of Western Bulk Chartering. Lawyer and partner Hårvard Wiker tells ShippingWatch which elements of the sale he plans to scrutinize.

Japanese shipowners in fierce battle against Bulk Invest

The aftermath of the bankruptcy of Norwegian Bulk Invest is in full swing, and six Japanese shipowners continue to contest the sale of Western Bulk Chartering. All legal means will be used, say the shipowners through their attorney.

Bulk Invest files for bankruptcy

CEO Jens Ismar was unable to salvage Bulk Invest, formerly part of Western Bulk, from the deep dry bulk crisis. The carrier is now filing for bankruptcy.

Bulk Invest has claims of USD 250 million

Suffering Norwegian dry bulk carrier, Bulk Invest - formerly Western Bulk - is openly assessing the consequences of a bankruptcy. Claims come to no less than USD 250 million. "We have a few weeks to find a solution," management writes.

Bulk Invest CEO puzzled by Japanese injunction

Japanese shipowners who are creditors to struggling Bulk Invest are not pleased with the sale of Western Bulk Chartering and have filed an injunction against Bulk Invest. "We don't think they'll get anywhere with this," Bulk Invest CEO Jens Ismar tell ShippingWatch.

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