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Bunker Holding hires head of communications from Lego

Bunker Holding hires a head of communications who comes from a similar position at Danish toy manufacturer Lego. This addition to the company comes at a time when the company has been subject to intense media scrutiny.

Bunker Holding executive charged in Dan-Bunkering case

Keld R. Demant, Group CEO at Bunker Holding, is among the charged in the case about subsidiary Dan-Bunkering's potential breach of EU sanctions against Syria. On Monday, the Danish Eastern High Court partially lifted a naming ban in relation to the case.

Danish Defense has held meetings with Unioil about Syria case

Danish Defense has discussed the Syria case with its major supplier Unioil and its owner, Bunker Holding, in physical meetings as well as in writing. The Defense is interested in the case because Unioil has the same owner as Dan-Bunkering. "The dialog has been – and is – continuous," says the Defense in a comment.

Bunker sector preparing for legal battles after 2020

The new low-sulfur fuels will lead to more legal battles, the bunker sector expects. As such, several stakeholders are strengthening their staff with lawyers and personnel with deep technical experience. One of these is Bunker Holding.

Østergaard-Nielsen increases profit by over 50 percent

The parent company in Danish Torben Østergaard-Nielsen's business empire, Selfinvest, increased its result by almost USD 20 million in the last year. This improvement stems from the bunker market in particular, while tanker company Uni-Tankers has seen major impairments.

US issued several warnings to Denmark about Dan-Bunkering

At least twice the Danish foreign ministry was warned by US authorities that Dan-Bunkering was involved in jet fuel deliveries to Syria according to Danish media DR. The Danish fraud squad, intelligence service, business authority and local police were also warned. In spite of these warnings, delivery continued.

Bunker Holding aims to capture market shares after 2020

There will be a scramble to attract customers after 2020 when several oil majors and commodity traders will work to conquer a bigger share of the bunker market. Still, Bunker Holding aims to grow its market share, the company tells ShippingWatch.

Danish Defence wants answers about Dan-Bunkering's role in Syria

The Danish Defence intends to request an account of the case regarding Dan-Bunkering's jet fuel deliveries to Russian tankers during the Syrian civil war. The reason is that a company in the same group as Dan-Bunkering is the military's largest fuel supplier. Updated

Nordea stresses compliance after Dan-Bunkering revelations

Nordic Financial Group Nordea, which entered a billion-dollar credit agreement with the owner of Dan-Bunkering last week, emphasizes that all clients must observe international sanctions. If they do not, the client may be asked to find another bank, the bank adds.

Bunker Holding boosts its credit ahead of 2020

Bunker Holding has secured a new and large credit facility with its banks ahead of 2020. "We're not aware of any other bunker company having a credit facility of this scope in place," CEO tells ShippingWatch.

Bunker Holding says long-awaited consolidation now underway

The Danish bunker company delivered an improved result in the latest fiscal year, a period in which several industry players reported difficulties. "This is a period in which the sheep are separated from the goats," CEO Keld R. Demant tells ShippingWatch.

Bunker Holding's owner family has settled on future strategy

The owner of one of the world's top bunker suppliers has spent years working on the strategy for the family-held company's ownership going forward. Now the plans are ready, also for Torben Østergaard-Nielsen himself, he says in an interview with ShippingWatch.

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