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Bunker Holding says long-awaited consolidation now underway

The Danish bunker company delivered an improved result in the latest fiscal year, a period in which several industry players reported difficulties. "This is a period in which the sheep are separated from the goats," CEO Keld R. Demant tells ShippingWatch.

Bunker Holding's owner family has settled on future strategy

The owner of one of the world's top bunker suppliers has spent years working on the strategy for the family-held company's ownership going forward. Now the plans are ready, also for Torben Østergaard-Nielsen himself, he says in an interview with ShippingWatch.

Bunker One to rebuild carriers' trust after OW collapse

Two events are behind the changes in the bunker market that made Bunker Holding eye a need to launch its new venture, Manager Peter Zachariassen tells ShippingWatch. One is the OW Bunker bankruptcy in 2014. The other will happen two years from now.

Bunker Holding buys Dutch supplier

Bunker Holding via joint venture Kaeline Group has acquired the Dutch bunker supplier SBI. The companies do not disclose the price of the takeover and negotiations began around six months ago.

Bunker Holding reports ready for global emissions cap

Even though Bunker Holding is still calling for some indicators of direction from the sector in light of the 2020 global sulfur cap, the bunker supplier is ready to supply four products, Peter Zachariassen, the company's head of physical, tells ShippingWatch.

Copper anniversary changed the course for Bunker Holding CEO

A random encounter at a copper anniversary party many years ago marked a turning point in Keld R. Demant's career. He currently serves as CEO of Bunker Holding. It is crucial to find a good boss in order to make a career for yourself, he says.

Bunker Holding eyes 14 potential acquisitions ahead

The past fiscal year dealt a blow to Bunker Holding's bottom line but did not damage CEO Keld R. Demant's expansion ambitions. "It's an industry that is ready to be changed and consolidated," he tells ShippingWatch.

KPI: Mandatory mass flow meter will not eliminate bunker disputes

Singapore from the turn of the year will become the first nation in the world to implement mandatory use of mass flow meters. The move will reduce complaints, but it would be utopian to think that the regulation will put an end to bunker disputes, says one of the biggest players in the market, KPI Bridge Oil.

KPI Bridge Oil: Consolidation is the name of the game

Size is now crucial in terms of securing sufficient financial resources in the bunker sector. Consolidation will therefore be inevitable in the time to come, says KPI Bridge Oil's managing director, Singapore, in this interview with ShippingWatch.

Bunker Holding closer to taking global lead

Bunker Holding has come closer to its declared target of being the world's largest bunker company after increasing its market share significantly in the past year, while rival US World Fuel Services seems to have come to a full stop.

Bunker Holding CEO banks on new acquisition this year

Approximately one year ago, Bunker Holding acquired the world's largest brokerage firm. Today the bunker carrier is in the midst of concrete negotiations for a new acquisition, CEO Keld R. Demant tells ShippingWatch.

Dan-Bunkering cautions against false sense of security

In the wake of bankruptcies at major bunker companies, safeguarding against similar scenarios is no simple task. It does not matter if companies are traders, physical suppliers or brokers, says the CEO of Dan-Bunkering, Henrik Zederkof, who cautions against oversimplification.

Layoffs at Bunker Holding spur flood of rumors

Denmark's Bunker Holding is at the center of a flood of rumors in the international bunker industry after a round of layoffs on Friday. CEO Keld Demant presents the facts to ShippingWatch.

Bunker industry haunted by banking ghost

One year after the collapse of OW Bunker, the global bunker industry is forced to handle bank deals with great caution. Mortgages in invoices can make customers panic, as Peninsula has experienced. Bunker Holding has deliberately opted to keep the banks out of it.

Bunker Holding now targeting global top spot

American World Fuel Services and Danish Bunker Holding have set themselves apart as the world's two biggest bunker companies. "We are in effect playing a part in the future development of the industry," says Bunker Holding CEO Keld Demant in an interview with ShippingWatch.

Bunker Holding vil være verdens største

Amerikanske World Fuel Service og danske Bunker Holding har skilt sig klart ud som verdens to største bunkerselskaber. "Vi er inde og spille en rolle i, hvordan industrien skal forme sig fremover," siger Bunker Holdings CEO, Keld Demant, i et interview med ShippingWatch.

Bunker Holding secures USD 650 million loan facility

Danish bunker group Bunker Holding increases its financing facilities by 50 percent with a new and comprehensive credit agreement with Danish and international banks for a total USD 650 million. The company already has plans for the money.

Bunker Holding køber stor amerikansk konkurrent

Danske Bunker Holding har overtaget en af verdens største mæglervirksomheder inden for bunkers. Forhandlingerne om opkøbet har stået på i et halvt år, fortæller CEO Keld. R. Demant til ShippingWatch.

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