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Ørsted increases profit after divestment of oil and gas business

Ørsted, formerly known as Dong Energy, has divested 50 percent of the offshore wind farm Walney Extension, and is now banking on a better 2017 than it had originally forecast. Earnings from the sale of the oil and gas business have increased profits by 11 percent.

World's largest offshore wind farm to be built in the North Sea

Wind carriers can look forward to contract opportunities in the wake of the announcement that Dong Energy has won the contract for offshore wind farm Hornsea 2. It will be the world's larges offshore wind farm to date, and it will be installed in the British part of the North Sea.

Q1 operating result slashed in half at Dong

The Danish energy major delivers a top line similar to last year's first quarter but has to enter 2017 with a lower result. CEO Henrik Poulsen calls the result "a good start to 2017."

Media: Dong and Siemens close to sale of A2Sea

Dong Energy and Siemens Windpower are close to finding a buyer for offshore carrier a2Sea, which specializes in offshore wind turbine installations, according to Berlingske Business. The buyer will likely be another shipping company, sources tell the newspaper.

Dong roars ahead after IPO

After only six months as a listed company, the Danish utility lands its first positive bottom line in four years. As expected, the wind division was the driving force behind a profit of more than DKK 10 billion.

Dong merger is the cheap solution for Maersk Oil

After a strategy shift and a huge carrier acquisition, Maersk will probably not cough up huge sums to buy Dong's oil division. This means the prospect of a cheap merger is alluring, say analysts. The question is whether Dong is willing.

Dong to hand over trimmed oil division to unknown buyer

Dong has shrunk its oil and gas division heavily even though many key figures are not exactly impressive. This buys the company time to await the right purchase offer, says one analyst after the release of Tuesday's interim report.

Dong considers selling oil and gas business

Dong Energy is assessing the strategic options for the future of its oil and gas business, informs the company after news media Mergermarket reported Wednesday that JP Morgan has been hired to conduct an initial evaluation.

Maersk Drilling contract prematurely terminated

A Maersk Drilling contract with Dong Energy concerning the Hejre oil field in the Danish part of the North Sea has been terminated prematurely. The rig has been working faster than planned, prompting the cancellation.

Media: Dong is working to divest A2Sea

Shipping activities could be leaving Dong's business portfolio if the energy company is successful in divesting the offshore wind carrier A2Sea. This process has now been initiated, writes Danish newspaper Børsen.

Dong: We still believe in the UK

Neither wind turbines nor power plants at Dong will take a blow from the UK's decision to leave the EU. At least not right away. Currencies will be hit hard but the impact will be limited by a coverage of foreign exchange risks, says the company.

Dong: Hejre provisions could increase significantly

Dong Energy has published its prospectus aimed at spurring investors from all over the world to invest in the Danish energy group. However, an investment in Dong comes with a long line of risks, according to the prospectus. Provisions related to the failed Hejre project could "increase significantly."

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