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Dorian LPG improves bottom line by USD 50 million

Gas ship operator Dorian LPG grew its profit by almost USD 50 million in the second quarter of its staggered fiscal year, in which higher rates boosted revenue. The company maintains a positive market outlook for gas transport.

Dorian expects soaring growth in LPG exports from the US

LPG rates have increased significantly in the past year, and the same applies to exports out of the US. This makes gas ship operator Dorian project a surge in US exports, which surpass the volumes coming out of the Middle East.

Dorian LPG venter mere balanceret VLGC-marked

Dorians andet kvartal gav et underskud på bundlinjen, men "markedet er blevet mere balanceret", lyder det fra ledelsen. Samtidig sætter rederiet beløb på, hvad de kuldsejlede forhandlinger med BW LPG har kostet.

BW LPG withdraws offer to buy Dorian

After four months of courting, gas shipping company BW LPG has withdrawn its offer to buy competitor Dorian. A lost opportunity for shareholders and the sector, says BW Chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao.

Dorian irritated by comments from BW LPG

What was likely intended to be an icebreaker in the frozen contact between BW LPG and Dorian seems to have had the opposite effect. Dorian is irritated by statements made by BW LPG Chief Executive Martin Ackermann to media, including ShippingWatch.

BW LPG's courtship of Dorian at standstill

BW LPG has been trying for months to buy competitor Dorian. But even a higher second offer was met with nothing but silence. "We're sitting here hoping for a response," BW LPG Chief Executive Martin Ackerman tells ShippingWatch.

Major stakeholder in Dorian speaks up

One of the founders of gas carrier Dorian LPG now talks openly about a merger with BW LPG, which has placed an offer on Dorian several times. Markets help those who help themselves, says Executive Chairman of major stakeholder Seacor.

Dorian declines BW LPG's new proposal

Dorian declines BW LPG's latest takeover proposal, writes the company in a notice. The gas shipping company's executive team is focusing on something else entirely.

BW LPG sends new merger plea to rival Dorian

"We were surprised that Dorian’s Board of Directors rejected our proposal without giving us the opportunity to engage in a discussion," says BW LPG Chief Executive Martin Ackermann.

Dorian LPG reports large deficit

Dorian LPG, which competitor BW LPG is looking to acquire, reports a significant deficit for the year 2017/2018. The shipping company does not mention the takeover bid in its financial report.

BW LPG goes on the offensive with bid for Dorian

BW LPG seeks to distance itself further from the competition with an acquisition of US-based Dorian LPG. The transaction, which totals USD 1.1 billion, would make BW the leading stock in the market, CEO Martin Ackermann tell ShippingWatch.

BW grows stake in Dorian LPG

Singapore-based BW Group has increased its ownership stake in Dorian LPG with a new purchase of shares, writes Tradewinds.

Low gas rates keep Dorian LPG down

A strained market for gas tankers forced VLGC carrier Dorian LPG further into the red, though improved fleet utilization boosted revenue. The CEO is optimistic.

Dorian LPG's deficit grew in the first quarter

In the displaced fiscal year, Dorian LPG finished the first quarter with a bigger deficit as a result of weaker freight rates. The carrier is expressing mixed signals about the market, notes JP Morgan.

Aurora LPG eyes better days ahead after tough quarter

Norwegian gas carrier Aurora LPG took a hit from the low rates in the first half of 2016, but management points to signs that the crisis is temporary in nature and that rates could rebound to sustainable levels already this year.

Dorian LPG improved its results big-time in 2015

US-based gas carrier Dorian LPG multiplied its revenue as well as net result in the past fiscal year. The company projects continued high fleet utilization in 2016 but is more cautious about the long-term prospects.

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