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Consultancy predicts growth in reefer production

After production of reefer containers took a dive in 2016 due to cost-cutting at several shipping companies, it grew both during 2017 and 2018. And the coming five years will also see growth, Drewry assesses.

Low-sulfur fuel is so far 30 percent more expensive

So far, fuels with low sulfur contents are 30 percent more expensive than conventional fuels, according to data compiled by Drewry. Though much can change once the calendar shows 2020, the consultancy writes.

Drewry downgrades forecast for container growth

The consultancy firm adjusts its expectations for container market growth in 2019 on the basis of growing uncertainty about world trade due to factors like the US-China trade conflict and the upcoming sulfur regulations.

Large chemical tankers will be squeezed in 2018

Several Asian nations are becoming more self-sufficient in chemical products, and paired with excess tonnage, this will weaken the market for large vessels on the long-haul routes this year, assesses Drewry.

Asian ports offer shippers the most connectivity

A new survey shows Asian ports offer shippers the largest choice of destinations and calls in the world. Only one European port is in the global top ten of the best-connected ports, writes Drewry.

A single unknown number will form Maersk's Q3 report

Maersk is headed in the right direction. This is true in terms of the financials as well as the complicated process of shaping the future Transport & Logistics business, according to analysts who plan to keep an eye on one figure in particular in next week's interim report.

Drewry concerned about carriers' hesitance to suspend services

"A complete lack" of announcements from the container carriers, in terms of pulling services from the market, leads to concerns at Drewry, which expects improved bottom lines for the container sector next year. "We might have given them too much credit," notes the analyst firm.

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