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Swede chosen as next president of ECSA

The European Community Shipowners' Association has elected a new president. From the turn of the year, Swedish Claes Berglund will replace Panos Laskaridis at the head of the table.

ECSA pleased with pick for new transport commissioner

The European Community Shipowners' Association "warmly welcomes" the nomination of Romanian Rovama Plumb as new commissioner for transport. The association also praises the nominations of Margrethe Vestager, Phil Hogan and Frans Timmermans.

Shipowners warn against impact of trade war

Three major shipowners' associations issue a joint warning against the impact of the US-China trade dispute. The statement comes on the heels of China saying it will raise tariffs on US-made goods.

Shipping lobby organizations strengthen ties

ICS, ECSA and ASA, representing more than 90 percent of the world fleet, have signed a declaration to cooperate more closely in the future. Among other things, the organizations will work against regional shipping regulations.

New presidency takes over at ECSA

Niels Smedegaard of DFDS has stepped down and handed over the presidency of the European Shipowners' Community Association to Greek Panagiotis Laskaridis. A Stena executive will also join the association's management team.

New head of ECSA to break away from bad reputation in Brussels

Shipping has a bad rap as a polluting industry resistant to environmental regulation. However, carriers actually do a lot to reduce emissions, says the new Secretary General for the European Community Shipowner's Association, Martin Dorsman. They just need be better at promoting it.

ECSA chairman lashes out at the European Parliament

Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS and chairman of the ECSA, says that the European Parliament is "playing wise" with its decision to include shipping in the EU's CO2 emission trading system. "It's really inexpedient," he says.

Bulc will consider efforts to curb overcapacity

If the shipping sector wants measures to curb overcapacity, the EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, is willing to listen. She would prefer not to intervene, but she does not reject to do so.

Shipowners warn that EU's maritime industry is under pressure

A new report from the European Community Shipowners' Associations, ECSA, concludes that the EU's maritime industry is under pressure from new shipping hubs around the world such as Singapore and Dubai. Find the shipowners four-point wish list here.

This is the role shipping plays in the EU

The European Community Shipowners' Association has commissioned Oxford Economics to calculate the role of the shipping industry in the EU's economy, as well as how many jobs the industry creates. Read the conclusions from the full report here.

Shipowners and ports in direct disagreement on EU's CO2 plan

The maritime sphere in Europe is far from in agreement when it comes to limiting CO2 emissions from shipping. While the shipowners are highly critical of the European Parliament's plan to include CO2 in a cap trading system, the ports praise the proposal. "Most unfortunate," say the shipowners.

ECSA sees one upside to the EU's scrapping regulations

The European Community Shipowners' Associations, ECSA, has voiced fierce criticism toward the EU's list of approved ship recycling facilities. But the association is now taking a more positive stance, viewing the list as a means that can help ensure implementation of the Hong Kong convention.

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