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Shippers bet on the EU to make liner companies more transparent

"It's not a 1:1 relationship between us and the shipping lines," says the European Shippers' Council, noting that the concentration among liner companies has only tilted the balance even further. Now the shippers hope that the EU can force changes through.

Nu kan kunderne få afløb for deres kritik af containerrederierne

Virker EU's særlovgivning, der tillader konkurrerende containerrederier at arbejde sammen? Flere afskibere har de seneste måneder kritiseret rederierne for uigennemsigtighed og unfair tillæg. Rederne er ikke enige. Nu har parterne tre måneder til at tale deres sag i EU.

Kuehne+Nagel CEO: Container industry has a problem

One of Europe's biggest logistics and forwarding companies, Kuehne+Nagel, will take the container carriers' abilities to go digital into account when signing orders in the future, CEO Detlef Trefzger tells ShippingWatch.

Shippers want the EU to look into liner rules

"If the container carriers see themselves as key players in the supply chain, they have failed," European shippers tell ShippingWatch following a members’ meeting Tuesday. The European Shippers' Council is ready to involve the EU to weigh the dominance of the three alliances.

Shippers voice harsh criticism of container alliances

Shippers which routinely send containers to Asia are noting "heavily damaging situations" due to a major decline in capacity on the vessels, says the European Shippers' Council, voicing harsh criticism against the three major alliances.

Shippers not happy with all-time low rates

It is not necessarily a good thing that the freight rates for container vessels are hovering at historical lows, says Nik Delmeire, Secretary General of the European Shippers' Council. He is puzzled at why the carriers are struggling so much, as he sees no fierce competition.

Shippers to Vestager: Drop deal with container carriers

European shippers, totaling thousands of the container shipowners' customers, are urging EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to lift every type of special rules for container carriers and especially their public rate increases.

Shippers want systematic monitoring of container carriers

The European industry represented by the European Shippers’ Council has issued four demands for authorities' monitoring of the new and expanded alliances in the container industry in relation to the meeting Thursday in Brussels.

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