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DFDS CEO considered surrender in Battle on the Channel

The dispute on the English Channel was long and hard, and DFDS CEO Niels Smedegaard considered throwing in the towel several times in the process, he says in an interview with ShippingWatch. The opposing party, Eurotunnel, expected the Danish competitor to surrender.

French seafarers hit with giant claim for ferry vandalism

Comprehensive damages to the two coming DFDS ferries, along with delayed delivery to Eurotunnel, have now led to a considerable claim against the French seafarers under SCOP Seafrance. Eurotunnel calculates the combined damages to more than EUR 20 million.

Million-krav mod franske søfolk for hærværk

Omfattende skader på de to kommende DFDS-færger og for sen aflevering til Eurotunnel løber nu op i et anseeligt krav til de franske søfolk fra SCOP Seafrance. Eurotunnel gør de samlede omkostninger op til et trecifret millionbekøb.

DFDS: Time for SCOP to respond to our offer

DFDS does not expect an answer anytime soon to its offer to rehire 202 laid off French seafarers who lost their job in relation to MyFerryLink's closure. But the Danish carrier stresses that the seafarers and SCOP must make the next move.

DFDS: Fortsat ganske uløst situation i Calais

DFDS kan fortsat ikke sejle til Calais på grund af de voldsomme protester mod rederiets leje af Eurotunnels to færger. Mandag mødes de stridende parter til møde i transportministeriet i Paris.

DFDS offer on the English Channel flat-out rejected

The attempt by DFDS to take over parts of the controversial company SCOP SeaFrance, which has operated ferry services on the English Channel in competition with the Danish carrier, did not come to fruition.

Eurotunnel confirms DFDS deal

On Thursday, July 2nd, DFDS will take over the two controversial ferries from Eurotunnel, set to operate on Dover-Calais in the English Channel. A French union has warned of protests due to layoffs.

French union warns of new protests against DFDS

Next week could make the protests this Tuesday against DFDS in the French city of Calais seem like a walk in the park, warns a union boss, who demands that Eurotunnel's deal with DFDS for two ferries be taken off the table by July 1st.

Fransk fagforening varsler nye protester mod DFDS

Næste uge kan få tirsdagens aktioner mod DFDS i den franske by Calais til at ligne en skovtur, advarer fagforeningsboss, der kræver Eurotunnels aftale med DFDS om to færger taget af bordet inden 1. juli.

DFDS CEO: We did not negotiate under pressure

DFDS CEO Niels Smedegaard has met with France's Minister of Transportation to discuss developments in the English Channel. DFDS will ensure 200 jobs for French employees. "No matter what, this will affect employment," Niels Smedegaard tells ShippingWatch.

Niels Smedegaard: Vi har ikke forhandlet under pres

DFDS' topchef Niels Smedegaard har haft møde med den franske transportminister om udviklingen i Den Engelske Kanal. DFDS vil sikre 200 franske ansatte deres job. "Uanset hvad vil der være en påvirkning i beskæftigelsen," siger Niels Smedegaard til ShippingWatch.

DFDS byder på fransk ex-rival i Den Engelske Kanal

Mens fagforeninger i den franske by Calais har protesteret kraftigt mod DFDS' overtagelse af franske færger, har DFDS afgivet et bud på dele af det franske medarbejderejede driftsselskab SCOP Seafrance, der i dag driver det omdiskuterede MyFerryLink.

Eurotunnel: No alternative to DFDS agreement

In spite of strong pressure from employees on the MyFerryLink ferries leased by Eurotunnel to DFDS, there is no alternative to the agreement with the Danish carrier, says the tunnel operator after a tough day with massive unrest at the English Channel crossing.

Dækafbrænding og kaos i protest mod DFDS-opkøb

En række internationale medier beretter om kaotiske tilstande ved Den Engelske Kanal, efter at DFDS har overtaget to færger fra Eurotunnel. Franske ansatte frygter masseafskedigelser efter flere års juridisk kamp i kanalen.

DFDS acquires two ferries from Eurotunnel

DFDS will take over two ferries from competitor Eurotunnel, which a few weeks ago announced that the ferries would be put up for sale as a consequence of the protracted legal dispute on the English Channel. The ships will be leased without a crew.

DFDS will take over Eurotunnel's ferries in a few weeks

The Danish carrier will at first lease two ferries from Eurotunnel, starting July 1st, after the protracted dispute on the English Channel. DFDS will now start negotiations with the French employees concerning their continued employment.

DFDS overtager Eurotunnels færger om få uger

Det danske rederi leaser i første omgang to færger af Eurotunnel fra 1. juli efter det langvarige opgør i Den Engelske Kanal. DFDS skal nu i forhandlinger med de franske ansatte om deres fortsatte beskæftigelse.

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