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One carrier in particular has absorbed Hanjin's vessels

Collapsed South Korean carrier Hanjin controlled a fleet of 102 container vessels, which have since been absorbed by other carriers. One carrier in particular has taken over a third of Hanjin's former capacity, writes Alphaliner.

Seaspan has faith in improved container market

2017 did not begin as well as last year for Seaspan. However, the shipowner has faith in the future and is ready to benefit from the reconstruction of the container market which is currently underway, says CEO Gerry Wang.

SM Line wants to operate 25 routes in five years

South Korea's new container carrier, SM Line, which is built mainly on the remains of collapsed Hanjin Shipping, plans to kick off operations with as many as nine routes this year. The carrier then wants to grow to 41 ships on 25 routes over the next five years.

Media: Bank puts ten Hanjin vessels up for sale

State-owned Korea Development Bank has put ten Hanjin vessels up for sale at auction, report local media. Anonymous sources tell Korea Herald that the vessels include two container ships and eight bulkers.

This carrier has taken over the most Hanjin vessels

Analyst firm Drewry has taken stock of what has happened to Hanjin Shipping's vessels. One major container carrier in particular has taken over many of the ships that were formerly part of the now-collapsed company's fleet.

SM Shipping is short thousands of containers

The new South Korean container carrier SM Shipping, built on the remains of Hanjin Shipping, will have to gather close to 90,000 containers if it wants to launch operations in March. A spokesperson from SM Shipping explains that the carrier is working at full steam to solve the problem.

SM Shipping buys Hanjin terminals as well

The new container carrier SM Shipping, which took over Hanjin's service network between Asia and the US, will also take over several of Hanjin's terminals in South Korea.

HMM targets more terminals in Asia

South Korea's biggest shipping group after the collapse of Hanjin Shipping, Hyundai Merchant Marine, is looking to acquire terminals in several Asian growth nations, says the carrier's CEO.

SM Line to start up with 12 container vessels

It has now been confirmed that South Korea will get a new deep sea container carrier by the name of SM Line. The carrier is owned by SM Group, which purchased Hanjin Shipping's Asia-US service network last year.

Media: South Korea will get a new container carrier

SM Group, which is in the process of acquiring Hanjin's route network between Asia and the US, is considering establishing a new container carrier under the name SM Shipping. It has until now been thought that SM Group would place the network under its carrier Korea Line.

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