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Spliethoff in talks to buy remaining Hansa Heavy ships

Spliethoff Group is mere details away from acquiring the last six ships from insolvent Hansa Heavy Lift's fleet, ShippingWatch has learned. Once the transactions are finalized, the Dutch shipping group will have bought 11 ships.

Hansa Heavy to shut down in March

Hansa Heavy Lift will close down shop for good in March, the interim administrator tells ShippingWatch. The ship operator filed for insolvency in December 2018.

Hansa Heavy close to sale of five ships to Spliethoff

The Dutch Spliethoff group is in the process of buying five ships from insolvent Hansa Heavy Lift, say ShippingWatch's sources. The ships have been owned in independent companies and they can thus be sold sidestepping court-appointed administrator.

Hansa Heavy Lift has started sale of ships

Hansa Heavy Lift has sold the ship that has been idle off Denmark's Port of Aarhus since December, according to ShippingWatch's sources. As such, the insolvent shipping company has now started to sell vessels from its fleet to raise money to pay creditors.

Creditors have arrested six Hansa Heavy vessels

Hansa Heavy Lift, which is close to being declared insolvent, has now had six ships arrested in total. However, creditors will have to wait a little longer before submitting claims against the Hamburg-based carrier.

Seafarers stuck on board Hansa Heavy ship in Denmark

15 seafarers have been stranded on board the vessel HHL Amur, which has laid idle outside Aarhus since Dec. 19. The ship has been arrested following a bunker company's claim against carrier Hansa Heavy Lift, which faces bankruptcy.

Hansa Heavy's collapse creates new opportunities for Zeamarine

The aftermath at Hansa Heavy Lift is underway less than a day after the company filed for insolvency. A new situation has emerged, says major competitor Zeamarine, which, according to ShippingWatch's sources, was previously interested in acquiring Hansa Heavy.

Severe pressure on Hansa Heavy triggers unrest in the market

The financial strain on Hansa Heavy Lift has intensified, according to ShippingWatch's sources. It is currently not possible to get in contact with the multipurpose and heavy lift carrier's executive team. According to local media, an insolvency is imminent.

Zeamarine changes key post

The rapidly expanding German multipurpose and ship management company Zeamarine is reshuffling one of its key posts.

Zeamarine in talks to acquire Hansa Heavy Lift

According to ShippingWatch's sources, Zeamarine is currently in talks with Hansa Heavy Lift for an acquisition. "We're still in a couple of negotiations for mergers and takeovers," goes the only comment from Zeamarine.

Den lave oliepris kan ramme multipurpose-udsigter

Den lave oliepris får energiselskaberne til at holde igen med investeringer, hvilket er dårligt nyt for multipurpose-segmentet, der ellers ser ud til at nyde godt af en vækst i efterspørgsel på transport fra 2016, vurderer Drewry.

Clarksons: Big market for decommissioning in North Sea

The low oil price could force even more operators in the North Sea to decommission oil rigs and platforms, according to Clarksons. The winners could be the offshore carriers and the heavy-lift sector, as they could gain a whole new market.

Hansa Heavy sends COO to Asia-Pacific

In what is described as a strategic move, German Hansa Heavy Lift has relocated COO Joerg Roehl from Hamburg to Singapore, where he will head the carrier's Asia-Pacific business.

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