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Shipping lobby organizations strengthen ties

ICS, ECSA and ASA, representing more than 90 percent of the world fleet, have signed a declaration to cooperate more closely in the future. Among other things, the organizations will work against regional shipping regulations.

This is why shipping companies support the "sulfur exception"

When there was mention of allowing ships without scrubbers to carry traditional fuel oil on board, shipping companies objected. And the proposal was shelved. There are several reasons why FONAR, which allows ships to bunker in emergency situations, gets their support after all.

ICS call for mandatory audit of ships' efficiency

Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping, wants a tightening of the rules aimed at ensuring that ships continuously improve their efficiency. Among other things, the ICS calls for mandatory external audit of ships.

Shippingskole åbner i London

Ansatte i shippingbranchen i London får nyt uddannelsestilbud, som er blevet udviklet i samarbejde med byens shipping- og mæglerselskaber.

Shipowners after CO2 deal: Everyone must contribute now

The International Chamber of Shipping stresses to ShippingWatch that no carrier will be able to avoid participating if the content of the IMO's CO2 deal is to be realized. Hapag-Lloyd thinks the deal will ensure fair competition in the industry, but it will require more investments.

EU countries aim high in CO2 proposal ahead of London meeting

The EU negotiation paper ahead of a key IMO meeting a few weeks from now to discuss CO2 regulations is ambitious and draws together maritime nations, which usually stand far apart on matters relating to environmental regulation. The question is whether this unity will hold in London.

ICS sets new course on climate policy

ICS has set a new course for its climate policy. "The most important aspect for ICS is to set an ambitious goal for reduction of greenhouse gas," says Deputy Director General Simon Bennett. The association views two proposals as possible compromises when the IMO sets out a climate policy in April.

ICS working toward 2060 as shipping's climate deadline

The International Chamber of Shipping, ICS, has now set a specific target and deadline year for its CO2 plan. Members must submit their stance on the proposal – which is inspired by a Japanese initiative – this Thursday. Read more about the plan here.

ICS criticizes shipbuilding subsidies

The shipping industry must be financially sustainable to be able to live up to the impending environmental requirements on CO2 emissions reductions, stresses ICS, criticizing the subsidies which support the construction of new vessels.

ICS describes critical IMO report as "nonsense"

ShippingWatch has asked the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) to respond in detail to the direct criticism aimed at the industry by the authors of the InfluenceMap report. Read on to learn why the ICS describes the report as "nonsense."

Shipowners present climate targets ahead of IMO meeting

The International Chamber of Shipping and three other interest groups have presented their proposal for two concrete climate requirements for shipping. The news comes ahead of a meeting of IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee. NGOs point to a lack of ambition.

Major carriers divided on push for ballast water postponement

The International Chamber of Shipping has announced its support for the move to postpone the deadline for installation of ballast water management systems. ShippingWatch has asked carriers such as Gaslog, Höegh LNG, Scorpio, Hafnia Tankers, and American Shipping Company about whether they agree.

Shipowners and suppliers in open war on ballast water

The International Chamber of Shipping fully supports a postponement of the installation requirements for ballast water systems, which several of the major developing nations have requested. "Extremely disappointing," says Norwegian supplier Optimarin.

Shipowners: IMO climate targets must be maintained

The International Chamber of Shipping will call on the IMO to continue its work to curb shipping's CO2 footprint despite President Trump's decision to withdraw the US from 2015's Paris Climate Accord, Chairman Esben Poulsson tells ShippingWatch.

Shipowners: EU decision hurts IMO's CO2 efforts

The EU's decision on Thursday to include shipping in the European Emissions Trading System hurts the IMO's efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, say the European Community Shipowners' Associations and the International Chamber of Shipping.

ICS criticizes plans for Canadian tanker moratorium

The shipowners gathered in ICS now warn the Canadian Transport Minister about the consequences of a potential moratorium on crude oil transports off the coast of British Columbia. Such a move would be "draconian" and could deter Canada's trade partners, notes ICS Secretary General.

ICS picks Esben Poulsson as new Chairman

Esben Poulsson has been elected as the new Chairman of the industry organization International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). Here are the most urgent topics for the industry according to the new Chairman.

ICS: Competing interests could make it difficult to scrap ships

It would be best for the sector as a whole if more carriers sent ships to be scrapped. But it does not always make sense for the individual carrier, and as such, it could become difficult to get rid of the current overcapacity, notes the International Chamber of Shipping in new report.

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