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Classification bureau finds new fuel types in unusual ports

More and more fuel types with a low sulfur content are being introduced to the market – and in some cases in ports in which low-sulfur fuels are not common, says Bureau Veritas. This indicates one thing in particular, assesses the classification bureau.

IMO condemns Strait of Hormuz tanker attacks

The UN's International Maritime Organization now condemns recent months' attacks on tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman. IMO also urges shipowners and states to take into account the increased safety risk for ships sailing in the region.

NGO voices criticism of last-minute change at IMO

The IMO's climate committee plans for a work group to pick out some of the many proposals for initiatives which can lower the shipping industry's greenhouse gas emissions in the short term. This is criticized by association of NGOs.

Kitack Lim launches summit with call for action

It is imperative that the IMO shows the organization is capable of finding ways of reducing shipping's emission of CO2 in the short term, says the secretary general in his opening speech at MEPC, calling for the industry to double its efforts in order to prepare for 2020.

Alfa Laval's customers favor open-loop scrubbers

The open-loop scrubbers, which are being criticized for emitting sulfur and particles into the water, are the most popular ones among shipowners, the head of Alfa Laval's marine division tells ShippingWatch.

Shipping has five days to discuss two crucial issues

In addition to the points written on the printed agenda, meetings held in the corridors at IMO's London headquarters also play a large part when it comes to decision-making in the MEPC. This week, ShippingWatch is looking into the formal and informal agendas for this week's MEPC meeting.

IMO summit sets scrubber malfunctions on agenda

When delegates attend the IMO's MEPC 74 next week, they will have a dilemma on their hands: What is a shipowner to do next year if a scrubber breaks down and the vessel only has high-sulfur fuel on board?

New study highlights savings from speed limit

A new study from a German think tank points to savings as well as environmental benefits from a speed limit for ships. The study has been shared with IMO member states ahead of next week's meeting in London.

Speed limit may boost global fleet by 235 percent

While the IMO is really starting to discuss CO2 reductions, the European Commission has just highlighted speed limits as a very effective means to achieve that in a report. Lower speed would however require significantly more vessels. Read the entire report here.

Major shipping nations oppose speed limit for vessels

Many signs indicate that the upcoming IMO meeting will be a duel between two solutions for how to achieve the short-term CO2 targets for shipping. Several stakeholders have brought a speed limit into play, but several major shipping nations take an opposing view.

110 shipping companies support speed limit

Star Bulk, Navios and Safebulkers along with 107 other shipping companies support a proposal to implement speed limits on vessels to lower the industry's CO2 emissions in the short term, they write in an open letter ahead of an IMO meeting to be held in a few weeks.

France proposes speed limit for ships ahead of IMO meeting

Ahead of the meeting of the IMO's environmental committee, France has proposed introducing a speed limit on certain ship types in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The Norwegian Shipowners' Association and Danish Shipping have previously been critical to such a measure.

Bimco doubts IMO's CO2 calculations

Bimco criticizes the IMO for using "unrealistically high GDP growth projections" in its predictions for future transport needs – and thus greenhouse gas emissions. The industry should base its actions on "realistic projections," says the shipping association.

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