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MAN Diesel & Turbo changes name

Engine supplier MAN Diesel & Turbo changes name as part of a new strategy. The new brand reflects an expansion of the business toward sustainable solutions.

Shipowners after CO2 deal: Everyone must contribute now

The International Chamber of Shipping stresses to ShippingWatch that no carrier will be able to avoid participating if the content of the IMO's CO2 deal is to be realized. Hapag-Lloyd thinks the deal will ensure fair competition in the industry, but it will require more investments.

Five carriers order MAN methanol engines

MAN Diesel & Turbo will supply engines to four newbuilds which, apart from methanol, can also sail on other types of fuel. "This new order confirms the ME-LGI concept as a mature technology," says MAN.

MAN Diesel & Turbo calls IMO its biggest frustration

There is no reason for the IMO to wait until 2023 to deliver on CO2, is the criticism from engine powerhouse MAN Diesel & Turbo, which in an interview with ShippingWatch describes the UN's maritime body as its current biggest frustration.

MAN Diesel & Turbo hit by maritime crisis

2017 has only brought a minor recovery for MAN Diesel & Turbo, which has seen its market crumple since 2014. In an interview with ShippingWatch, CSO and Executive Board member Wayne Jones reveals when the company expects a full recovery.

I.M Skaugen prepares new claim against MAN in fraud case

Gas carrier I.M. Skaugen has been cleared to pursue a claim against engine manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo in Norway. A ruling was issued in the spring of this year, but the carrier now expects to file a claim in Norway of USD 18-20 million. MAN Diesel & Turbo rejects the claims.

J. Lauritzen loses supreme court case to MAN

Carrier J. Lauritzen must pay approximately DKK 2 million to engine manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo after Denmark's Supreme Court reversed a ruling this Wednesday in a protracted case regarding defect marine engines.

MAN pays back USD 8 million in engine fraud case

MAN Diesel & Turbo will pay back USD 8 million to Norwegian carrier Skaugen in the protracted fraud case related to diesel engines which used more fuel than stated in contracys. "MAN Diesel & Turbo SE has substantial outstanding claims against Skaugen," says MAN in a comment to ShippingWatch.

MAN SE suffered full-year deficit for 2016

Slow growth in the global economy caused problems for MAN SE in 2016, which resulted in a combined deficit. The company anticipates challenging business conditions in the foreseeable future.

Maersk scorer højt på studerendes ønskeseddel

De danske business-studerende har Maersk som næsthøjeste prioritet på deres ønskeseddel, når de skal pege på en drømmearbejdsplads efter studiet. Det er en bedre placering for Maersk end tidligere.

MAN budget cuts hit the maritime division

MAN Diesel and Turbo plans to lay off upwards of 1,400 workers as part of an effort to increase the German engine manufacturer's bottom line by EUR 450 million. 140 of the layoffs will come from the marine division.

J. Lauritzen: MAN case has strained us to our limits

The vast amount of work brought on by engine breakdowns, caused by MAN Diesel & Turbo's lubrication system, was a big ordeal for J. Lauritzen, the carrier's head of gas tanker tells ShippingWatch. He is relieved by the court ruling.

MAN Diesel & Turbo to pay millions in damages to J. Lauritzen

Engine manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo has been sentenced by the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court to pay a million dollar figure in compensation to J. Lauritzen, as flaws in the lubrication system Alpha Lube have led to engine breakdowns. MAN decides to appeal.

SEA Europe overrules chairman in engine fraud case

Marine equipment association Sea Europe has no intentions of discussing the case of Wärtsilä's engine test fraud. Not now, nor late in June, the association's Secretary General tells ShippingWatch, thus overruling his own chairman Kjeld Dittmann.

Depressed shipping markets rub off on MAN

The major supplier took a hit across all business segments from the rough market conditions in shipping and offshore as well as by fierce competition on the important Brazilian car market. MAN expects lower sales and a decreased operating result for 2016.

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