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A global CO2 tax on shipping could be years into the future

The first concrete proposal for a global CO2 tax is in the works at the IMO, just as three of the world's major shipping organizations have turned on a dime and now call for a tax on emissions. Realistically, however, it will be several years before such a tax is introduced.

NGO considers EU's 2030 target unrealistic for shipping

Transport & Environment does not find it realistic for shipping to meet the EU climate goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. "Theoretically, it is possible," says the NGO to ShippingWatch.

"The alternative to MEPC agreement would have been chaos"

The ambitious nations did not come close to getting what they wanted. "But there was no appetite for more," says a source about the result reached by the MEPC committee, as the desire to just reach an agreement became decisive. The Getting to Zero coalition says this could impede the 2030 target of achieving emission-free ships.

IMO meeting criticized for postponing tough discussion

This week, EU's member states approached a meeting in the IMO with the aim to increase the possibility of sanctioning vessels that do not reduce their short-term emissions. But the outcome of the meeting was disappointing and is criticized for postponing difficult discussions.

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