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New head of ECSA to break away from bad reputation in Brussels

Shipping has a bad rap as a polluting industry resistant to environmental regulation. However, carriers actually do a lot to reduce emissions, says the new Secretary General for the European Community Shipowner's Association, Martin Dorsman. They just need be better at promoting it.

Here is the road map for the IMO's climate deal

In April, IMO member states will decide on shipping's contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in line with the Paris accord. This deadline has no alternative, Director Maria Bruun Skipper of association Danish Shipping tells ShippingWatch.

Last week's top stories on ShippingWatch

Summer has arrived but the shipping industry is not on vacation. The legal aftermath of the OW Bunker collapse intensified, Cosco bought OOCL, and shipping's pollution was the subject of debate after last week's IMO meeting. Stories also came out about Dan-Bunkering and Arne Blystad.

Shipping closer to climate targets after IMO meeting

IMO member nations have agreed on framework conditions for a highly anticipated climate strategy which is set to be ready in 2018. Vision, climate targets, and the journey to reach these targets will now be up for discussion.

NGOs to IMO: Settle on a climate target

The IMO should, as a minimum, reach internal agreement that the coming climate strategy must contain clear-cut targets for by how much shipping must reduce its emissions. And there is also a need for immediate action, say NGOs.

Shipowners present climate targets ahead of IMO meeting

The International Chamber of Shipping and three other interest groups have presented their proposal for two concrete climate requirements for shipping. The news comes ahead of a meeting of IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee. NGOs point to a lack of ambition.

NGO: Shipping could undermine CO2 reductions

If shipping is does not soon adopt a plan for to reduce its CO2 emissions, the result of the other CO2 reduction efforts from land-based transport will be severely limited, projects NGO Transport & Environment.

Here is the IMO plan for shipping and CO2

The IMO has decided how shipping will contribute to reducing the industry's CO2 emissions. Read the details here about the plan which has been criticized for setting the bar too low.

NOx zones will be reality by 2021

The IMO has agreed on stricter requirements for vessel emissions of nitrogen (NOx). Starting in 2021, new vessels must trim 75 percent of their nitrogen emissions when sailing in the Baltic and North seas.

New 2020 sulfur regulations cause concern about global enforcement

The decision to implement sulfur requirements in 2020 is being celebrated in the shipping industry, especially by suppliers, while carriers and other organizations tell ShippingWatch that significant uncertainties remain regarding the enforcement of sulfur regulations.

Russia proposes 2023 as compromise for global sulfur directive

Russia is now officially proposing 2023 as the year in which the global sulfur regulations should come into force, Deputy Minister of Transport Victor Olersky tells ShippingWatch on the same day on which the discussions of the proposed rules enter a critical stage at the IMO meeting in London.

Unexpected strong support for CO2 resolution at IMO

The IMO member states have allegedly reacted to the pressure from stakeholders to deliver on a CO2 resolution. In any case, there is surprisingly strong support for deciding on a specific time-frame for CO2 reductions, according to the Danish Shipowner's Association. Several other stakeholders criticize the IMO member states for setting the bar too low.

Bulc calls IMO to decide on sulfur and CO2

EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc wants the IMO to take action at a key meeting of its environmental protection committee this week, so that solutions are reached concerning global sulfur requirements and CO2 emissions. This is according to several media reports.

One country holds the power over sulfur decision

One single country holds the power this week at the IMO meeting to decide whether sulfur requirements should be implemented in 2020 or 2025, several sources tell ShippingWatch. Time will tell whether or not the country chooses to exert this power.

IMO close to sulfur decision awaited by the entire industry

Suppliers, shipowners, and oil companies are anxiously awaiting a decision from the IMO this week regarding sulfur emissions which will have billion-dollar consequences for parties involved. This Monday, two controversial reports will be discussed in London, and these reports will play a big part.

CO2 collapse in London this week would hit the IMO hard

This week, the world's nations gathered under the IMO are under massive pressure from the EU, lobby organizations, carriers, and NGOs to agree on specific goals for shipping's reduction of CO2 emissions. ShippingWatch offers an overview ahead of one the IMO's most important meetings yet.

Report: 570,000 human lives hinge on sulfur decision

More than half a million people risk dying prematurely if the global sulfur requirements are introduced in 2025 rather than 2020, in accordance with a push from strong forces in the shipping industry, shows a new report submitted to the IMO, which will make the critical decision. Read the full report here.

EU Parliament wants shipping included in CO2 quota scheme

There is broad cross-party support in the EU Parliament to incorporate the shipping industry into the EU's CO2 quota scheme in accordance with the EU's 2030 emissions targets. This would mean that from 2021, carriers would pay for their emissions by buying emissions quotas.

Major concerns in the industry ahead of sulfur decision

Concerns and uncertainty are spreading among carriers ahead of October when the IMO will decide on the implementation of global sulfur requirements. Key industry sources tell ShippingWatch that the reports, commissioned to inform the decision, look biased.

IMO meeting pleases shipowners but disappoints environmentalists

The outcome of the meeting of the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee was positive, if you ask shipowners. But when asking the NGOs, it was a big failure that was unable to deliver a response to the question of how shipping will comply with the COP21 targets.

A decision would be made to make a decision, if...

The discussion of global sulfur regulations continued this week as IMO member states gathering for a meeting of the organization's environmental committee (MEPC) took one step closer to deciding on an implementation date. However, with reservations.

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