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Singapore reports all bunker barges ready for 2020

All 199 bunker barges in Singapore have been fitted with mass flow meters and are ready to deliver different fuel types starting at the turn of the year, says the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

Singapore bans open-loop scrubbers

It will be illegal to use open-loop scrubbers in one of the key ports in the world. Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority will from Jan. 1, 2020 ban use of the technology.

Singapore revokes license from two bunker suppliers

Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority have revoked two bunker suppliers' license to operate in the world's top bunker port. The two companies have, according to the authority, violated the terms and conditions for bunker activities in the port.

MPA declines to comment on whistleblower

In spite of several requests, the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) declines to comment on the information presented by a whistleblower about business man Dennis Tan's role ahead of the OW Bunker collapse.

MPA: Not unusual for companies to move - especially now

A couple of major shipping companies have opted to leave Singapore or relocate their Asian headquarters. The country's port authority, MPA, tells ShippingWatch in an interview that the situation is not unusual and that work is being done to help the industry through the crisis.

ExxonMobil: Flow meter is the black box of bunkering

Now that Singapore will make it a legal requirement to use mass flow meters when bunkering at the port, ExxonMobil has also implemented the practice on its bunker deliveries in Hong Kong, ExxonMobil's Regional Sales Manager tells ShippingWatch.

Singapore klar med økonomisk støtte til LNG-skibe

Som led i Singapores bestræbelser på at sikre havnens rolle som central LNG-bunkerhavn, er landets havnemyndigheder nu klar med økonomisk støtte til Singapore-baserede rederier, der vil investere i LNG-skibe.

Singapore Port will support building of LNG vessels

As part of the efforts to make Singapore a key LNG bunkering hub, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is prepared to provide financial support to Singapore-based carriers for the construction of LNG vessels.

Singapore looking to improve port security

Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) has in conducted a campaign to avoiding collisions in the busy port. Now all smaller ships will be equipped with new electronic devices - yet the head of the MPA tells ShippingWatch that what the port really needs is a change in mentality.

Singapore vil forbedre sikkerheden i havnen

Singapores havnemyndigheder har det seneste år kørt kampagne for at undgå sammenstød mellem skibene i den travle havn. Nu skal alle mindre skibe udstyres med ny elektronik – alligevel erkender MPA’s administrerende direktør over for ShippingWatch, at dét, der mest er brug for, er en mentalitetsændring.

MPA: Difficult to prevent all bunker fraud

Requirements for mandatory use of mass flow meters in Singapore will not be able prevent all fraud, but most of it, Dr. Parry Oei, Director (Port Services), Maritime and Port Authority, tells ShippingWatch. The MPA is working to expand the solution.

MPA: Svært at fange al bunkerfusk

Krav om obligatorisk brug af masseflowmetre i Singapore kan umuligt fange al snyd, men det meste, siger Dr. Parry Oei, Director (Port Services), Maritime and Port Authority, til ShippingWatch. MPA arbejder på at udbygge løsningen.

Singapore will check the marine gas oil trade

The sulfur regulations lead to growing demand for marine gas oil, which is why the world's biggest bunker hub, Singapore, is working to introduce mass flow meters on the port's gas barges, Dr. Parry Oei, Director (Port Services), Maritime and Port Authority, tells ShippingWatch.

Singapore vil kontrollere handlen med marinegasolie

Svovlkravene får efterspørgslen på marinegasolie til at stige, og derfor arbejder verdens største bunkerhub, Singapore, på at indføre masseflowmetre på havnens gas-pramme, siger Dr. Parry Oei, Director (Port Services), Maritime and Port Authority, til ShippingWatch.

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