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NGO says two yard workers died in Bangladesh

Two workers have lost their lives in an accident at a shipbreaking yard in Bangladesh, writes NGO Shipbreaking Platform. The scrapped ship is Greek-owned and was reflagged prior its voyage to Bangladesh, the NGO informs.

Pakistan introduces ban against scrapping tankers

Pakistan has introduced a temporary ban against scrapping oil tankers and LPG vessels at the shipbreaking facilities in Gadani. The move comes after the area was hit by two fatal accidents which cost numerous people their lives. Safety is too poor, says local chief minister.

Maersk sends first vessels to be recycled at Alang

The Maersk Group is now starting its ship scrapping at Alang with the first two vessels this month. The group is doing this to ensure improved conditions at the highly criticized scrapping beaches, says Maersk. Environmental NGOs are critical of Maersk's choice in Alang.

GMS urges shipping industry to rethink Alang

The world's largest cash buyer of end-of-life vessels, GMS, calls for the shipping industry to support the progress taking on, in particular, the scrapping beaches in Alang and the rest of Southeast Asia. "Naming and shaming," undermines improvements, notes the company.

NGOs criticize Maersk's return to Alang

Maersk has decided to scrap vessels again on the Alang beach in India, which the company previously decided against due to the dangerous working conditions in the area.

Greek owners beach the most ships in Southeast Asia

As many as two thirds of all ships sold as scrap last year wound up at the controversial shipbreaking facilities in Southeast Asia. The development in 2015 illustrates that a vast majority of carriers are not reacting to massive public attention on the issue.

NGO: Sustainable scrapping will collapse without fund

A new proposal for a scrapping license for all vessels calling in EU will likely be presented before long. Without such a mechanism, carriers will still easily be able to dodge responsible shipbreaking, says NGO Shipbreaking Platform.

Greek shipowners face harsh criticism for beaching

An environmental organization is lashing out at Greek shipowners who were responsible for two thirds of all EU vessels that were sold for scrapping to the controversial shipbreaking beaches in Southeast Asia in the second quarter this year.

NGO: Grækenland bør gå forrest på ansvarlig shipping

Som en af verdens største shippingnationer bør Grækenland tage et langt større ansvar for at sikre miljørigtig shipping og ikke mindst ophugning, mener NGO'er, der tidligere på ugen mødtes med Grækenlands shippingminister og miljøminister.

NGO: Flag states blocking more responsible scrapping

It is far too easy to circumvent the EU's new rules aimed at more responsible scrapping, says Shipbreaking Platform. Outflagging is often used, according to the NGO, which calls for more widespread initiatives on an EU level.

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