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Port of Hamburg pressured by crises and competition

Both revenue and earnings note declines in the preliminary numbers from Hamburger Hafen und Logistic AG (HHLA). Container flow through the three terminals at the port declined by 12.6 percent from the previous year and came to 6.3 million teu.

Port of Hamburg hit by the crisis in the container industry

One of the largest container ports in Europe, the Port of Hamburg, does not expect growth in 2016. In an interview with ShippingWatch, CEO Axel Mattern points to several elements that are putting pressure on the port. The crisis in the global container industry is just one.

Port of Hamburg hit by Russian downturn

The port's combined volumes declined 4.8 percent in the first nine months of the year. This development was especially caused by the crisis in Russia and China's slowdown in foreign trade, notes Port of Hamburg Marketing in a report.

Port of Hamburg continues to slide on containers

The Port of Hamburg's combined volumes noted a slight decline in the first six months of the year, in which the container business in particular was hit by the developments in China and Russia. But dry bulk volumes improved, reports Port of Hamburg Marketing.

Hamborg Havn fortsætter fald på containere

Hamborg Havns samlede voluminer oplevede et mindre fald i årets første seks måneder, hvor især containerforretningen blev ramt af udviklingen i både Kina og Rusland. Dog gik det frem for tørlast, skriver Port of Hamburg Marketing.

Port of Hamburg hit by Russian crisis

The economic crisis in Russia and Ukraine takes a toll on the Port of Hamburg, as container volumes are declining significanlty. Slight increase in operations, according to the interim report.

Port of Hamburg delivers best first quarter ever

The first three months of the year brought growth for the Port of Hamburg, which handled larger bulk volumes and more containers on the port's rail lines. The best first quarter result ever for the Port of Hamburg.

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