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Risk Intelligence opens Singapore office

Risk Intelligence expands to Asia with a new office in Singapore. The analyst firm has hired an employee with experience from Maersk and Klaveness to head the office.

Risk Intelligence seeks IPO to kick start major expansion plan

Risk Intelligence is headed for an IPO in Sweden and is raising millions for a new growth plan aimed at tripling revenue in the course of just two years, CEO Hans Tino Hansen tells ShippingWatch. The company is also opening an office in Singapore. Read on to learn all about the plan.

Shipping is a "low priority" target for terrorism

Fear that a dirty bomb had been placed on board the Maersk Memphis turned out to be unfounded, and the evacuation of Port of Charleston was called off. In general, the threat against the shipping industry is very low. Rick Intelligence CEO Hans Tino Hansen explains why.

New hijacking could change the situation off the coast of Somalia

The naval forces disappeared and ships have started to sail closer to the coast of Somalia, so it is no surprise that a pirate attack has occurred off Somalia, says CEO of Risk Intelligence, Hans Tino Hansen. The outcome of the new attack will be decisive in terms of whether piracy in the region escalates once again.

Former rebels thought to be behind hijacking of Maersk vessel

According to CEO Hans Tino Hansen of security firm Risk Intelligence, the attack on a Maersk vessel on Friday last week was likely perpetrated by former rebel soldiers from Nigeria. Unlike Aden, it is difficult to see a solution for West Africa, he says.

Islamic State targets Suez Canal

Islamic State will definitely try to hit Egypt's central nerve, the Suez Canal, say security experts less than a month before the opening of the expanded Canal.

Maersk opting to be "more cautious" at Iran

Unlike US and British ships that are escorted by naval vessels through Hormuz after the Maersk Tigris incident, Maersk Line has settled with being "more cautious" when sailing through the disputed waters. "Do the Americans know something the others don't" asks Risk Intelligence CEO Hans Tino Hansen.

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