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Samskip puzzled by Icelandic RAL approval

It comes as a surprise to Samskip that the Icelandic Competition Appeals Committee has rejected the protests voiced by the shipping company against the collaboration between Eimskip and Royal Arctic Line.

Eimskip adjusts expectations for 2019

Higher activity levels and increased cargo amounts make Iceland's Eimskip narrow its expectations for 2019. The first months of the year yielded considerably higher operating profits, according to the company.

Royal Arctic Line and Eimskip get regulatory approval

After a two year wait, the partnership between Royal Arctic Line and Eimskip has now been approved by the Icelandic authorities. "This was the last turn before the finish line," Royal Arctic Line CEO Verner Hammeken tells ShippingWatch.

RAL's Aarhus plans delayed by typhoon and pending Icelandic approval

The North Atlantic collaboration between Eimskip and Royal Arctic Line has been delayed. A typhoon has delayed delivery of the container vessel from China, and Icelandic authorities have not yet approved the partnership. RAL CEO Verner Hammeken will have to delay the project's start until later this year.

RAL og Eimskip mangler vigtig blåstempling af samarbejde

Halvandet år efter at Royal Arctic Line og Eimskip indsendte en anmodning til de islandske konkurrencemyndigheder, er samarbejdet stadig ikke blevet godkendt. Rederierne har ikke leveret den nødvendige information, lyder forklaringen.

Royal Arctic Line orders vessels for remote areas

The Greenlandic carrier Royal Arctic Line has signed yet another contract for new vessels as part of a larger fleet renewal. The carrier has now invested approximately USD 65 million in new vessels which can sail in remote areas in Greenland.

Royal Arctic Line in breach of credit covenants with German bank

Greenland-owned Royal Arctic Line has, due to an operating deficit, breached several covenants in a key credit agreement with Germany's KfW concerning a new container ship. "Completely undramatic," says CEO Verner Hammeken, who is looking to change the conditions of the agreement.

The road to a new Royal Arctic Line is paved with problems

After just three years in the post, there are huge problems facing the CEO of Royal Arctic Line, Verner Hammeken. The planned transformation of sea transports to and from Greenland have been "remarkably tough" to sell during 2017, he says to ShippingWatch.

Royal Arctic Line looking to save DKK 70 million annually

A departure from Aalborg Port and the collaboration with Iceland's Eimskip are key elements in the annual million dollar savings Royal Arctic Line CEO Verner Hammeken is looking to achieve, he explains in an interview with ShippingWatch.

Greenland considers creation of maritime authority

Politicians in Greenland will this week assess whether the entire maritime political area can be brought back to Greenland instead of falling under the Danish Maritime Authority. The idea falls in line with Royal Arctic Line's plans to flag more of the carrier's vessels locally.

Royal Arctic Line vessels to be flagged in Greenland

The carrier will "be rooted in the fact that it's a Greenlandic business," and as such, a bigger part of the carrier's fleet will be flagged in Greenland going forward, says CEO Verner Hammeken in an interview with ShippingWatch.

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