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Scorpio says new offshore investment is first of several

Scorpio Group, mostly known for its two shipping companies, has with its acquisition of Nordic American Offshore taken a definitive step into the North Sea. And there could be more in store. "Things are developing very quickly," President Emanuele Lauro tells ShippingWatch.

Hafnia and BW Tankers merger in place within one month

One of the world's largest product tanker carriers will soon see the light of day. According to several sources speaking to ShippingWatch, the merger between Hafnia and BW Tankers is expected to be secured within the next few weeks.

Scorpio Tankers' deficit grew in the third quarter

The US-based product tanker shipping company has lost more than USD 170 million so far this year after a third quarter that alone brought a net deficit of USD 71.7 million. Management again points to "adverse market conditions."

Scorpio chooses scrubbers for both fleets

Scorpio Group, which covers Scorpio Tankers and Scorpio Bulkers, will install scrubbers on most of ships for both its shipping companies. The group is currently negotiating with creditors to finance the scrubbers.

Scorpio Tankers has lost USD 100 million in six months

Scorpio Tankers has published figures revealing how the carrier has managed in the tough product tanker market in the first six months of 2018. A minus of USD 100 million, and even more vessels which have been sold and leased back again.

Scorpio Tankers' new management duo replays the eco card

Ex BP and Jellico executive Lars Dencker Nielsen sees no reason why Robert Bugbee and Emanuele Lauro's vision to conquer the product tanker market with a record-young fleet should not come true within the next couple of years. ShippingWatch has interviewed Scorpio Tankers' new commercial director.

Scorpio Group calls for better customer service from suppliers

Suppliers are not good enough at consulting and helping their customers when problems arise in relation to ballast water management systems, says Ole Christian Schrøder, Head of Compliance at Scorpio Group, which has so far spent USD 100 million on the systems.

Product tanker in intense consolidation race

The meetings to discuss product tanker mergers are intensifying, and many signs indicate that there will be fewer independent carriers in the segment by 2019. "Something will happen in 2018," stakeholders tell ShippingWatch.

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