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Sohmen-Pao set to become new chairman of wind carrier Cadeler

Andreas Sohmen-Pao is set to become the new chairman of offshore wind carrier Cadeler. BW Group is in preliminary discussions about acquiring a larger stake in the company, which expects to see results improve this year on the heels of an eventful 2020.

BW Group is looking into new decarbonization methods

BW Group has invested in the application of batteries to the maritime industry, and banks on LPG and LNG as fuel for part of its fleet. Measuring carbon emissions meaningfully, however, remains the crucial question, Chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao tells ShippingWatch.

Sohmen-Pao: One has to be very brave to order a new ship now

BW Group and the Sohmen-Pao family have positioned themselves as a major consolidating force in shipping over the last couple of years. In an interview with ShippingWatch, Chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao explains what the drivers behind the expansion process are.

Sohmen-Pao and the sense of Nordic shipping

Historically, the Sohmen-Pao family has looked a lot towards the Nordic countries to expand the global footprint of Singapore's influential maritime group. Lately, it has happened again. BW Group Chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao explains to ShippingWatch what exactly makes Singapore/Oslo/Copenhagen a fine match.

The Sohmen-Pao family trumped Maersk's bid on Hafnia

Maersk Tankers wanted to acquire Hafnia's fleet, but was beaten by BW Group and the Sohmen-Pao family with an attractive offer to buy the entire shipping company. ShippingWatch reconstructs the story about how one of the world's biggest product tanker carriers was created.

Shipping top execs: We don't have answers for the CO2 targets right now

Maersk Group CEO, Søren Skou, acknowledges to ShippingWatch that Maersk's plan of action to meet the new CO2 targets by 2050 is far from complete. BW Group's chairman Andreas Sohmen-Pao (photo) describes the targets as "an opportunity and a risk" that everyone needs to take into account.

"The era of privately owned carriers is coming to an end"

That was one of the arguments cited when Hafnia Tankers CEO Mikael Skov and CEO of Teekay Corporation, Kenneth Hvid, participated in a debate in which they had to convince representatives from family-owned carriers that they belong to the past.

BW Pacific gears up for IPO

Product tanker company BW Pacific has initiated an IPO process. If things pan out, the company, which is currently establishing a presence in Copenhagen, could go public before the turn of the year.

BW LPG: The challenge is a big fleet

BW LPG is growing with the acquisition of shares in Dorian LPG to become an even bigger VLGC player. One big challenge is the optimization of the entire fleet, says CEO Nicholas Gleeson to ShippingWatch.

BW LPG: Stor flåde er udfordringen

BW LPG vokser med opkøbet af aktier i Dorian LPG til en endnu større VLGC-spiller. Udfordringen er optimal udnyttelse af flåden, fortæller CEO Nicholas Gleeson til ShippingWatch.

Carsten Mortensen ready for expansion at BW Group

Norden's former CEO, Carsten Mortensen has settled into his office at BW Group's headquarters in Singapore. The main task ahead will be to create growth in the gas-dominated group. ShippingWatch paid a visit to one of the world's largest shipping groups.

Carsten Mortensen klar til ekspansion i BW Group

Nordens tidligere CEO Carsten Mortensen er på plads i sit kontor i BW Groups hovedsæde i Singapore. Opgaven bliver frem for alt at skabe vækst i det gas-dominerede shippingselskab. ShippingWatch har besøgt en af verdens største rederigrupper.

Dansker til tops i BW LPG

Danske Martin Ackermann bliver ny CEO i det børsnoterede BW LPG, der er verdens største ejer af kæmpe gasskibe. Martin Ackermann er den nuværende CEO i Evergas. ShippingWatch har interviewet Ackermann.

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