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Maersk Tankers launches yet another new business leg

This week or next, Maersk Tankers will launch a new business leg that complements ZeroNorth. Unpredictability in the oil market necessitates a shift in mindset, explains CEO Christian M. Ingerslev in an interview with ShippingWatch.

Maersk Tankers to install scrubbers on four ships

Maersk Tankers will use low-sulfur fuel oil – not scrubber – to ensure compliance with the sulfur cap starting in 2020. Just four LR2 tankers will have scrubbers installed. The shipping company expects that the environmental bill will go to end users. (corrected)

Maersk Tankers expects tough market in 2017

CEO Christian M. Ingerslev of Maersk Tankers does not eye improvements in the product tanker market until the second half of 2018. The timing will coincide, however, with settling a solution for the carrier's independent future outside of Maersk. One option is going public.

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