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Trump piles pressure on Saudis flummoxed by higher oil price

As Saudi Arabia pumps more oil before its customers get burned, prices have increased. And US President Donald Trump is not happy, tweeting on Saturday that the Saudi king had agreed to boost the country's oil output to cut costs for consumers.

China preparing tough response to US tariffs

The US's individualist trade policy will ultimately harm the country's own workers and farmers, says Chinese spokesperson at a press conference. China will take action to defend its own interests.

Trade war inches closer in US-China tariff clash

US President Donald Trump has signed a tariff on Chinese goods into force. According to the US president, China's trade surplus is "out of control." Restrictions on trade could trigger severe negative consequences for global trade, warns Maersk.

The US has changed its IMO course under Trump

The US' IMO mandate has changed after climate skeptic Donald Trump moved into the White House. "We are not as active as we used to be," the head of the US delegation tells ShippingWatch ahead of a crucial meeting in April.

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