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Trade war inches closer in US-China tariff clash

US President Donald Trump has signed a tariff on Chinese goods into force. According to the US president, China's trade surplus is "out of control." Restrictions on trade could trigger severe negative consequences for global trade, warns Maersk.

The US has changed its IMO course under Trump

The US' IMO mandate has changed after climate skeptic Donald Trump moved into the White House. "We are not as active as we used to be," the head of the US delegation tells ShippingWatch ahead of a crucial meeting in April.

Trump about to sign tariffs into force

Trump is expected to sign a list of new import tariffs into force on Thursday. More than 100 fellow GOP members as well as the country's trade partners have warned of the risk of a large-scale trade war.

Trump could be willing to soften tariff barrier

US President Donald Trump incited concerns about an impending trade war when he proposed to increase import tariffs on steel and aliminum. But statements from the president and several members of his staff now suggest that the tax proposal is not set in stone.

Several states oppose Trump's drilling license sales

Multiple coastal states in the US are seeking exemption from a planned sale of new oil and gas licenses in US waters. One state is already exempt. The expansion is part of President Donald Trump's efforts to strengthen the oil industry.

Trump warns China over ship-to-ship fuel sales to North Korea

US President Donald Trump tweeted his disappointment this Thursday that China allegedly allowed oil to be transferred to North Korean ships. He later told the New York Times that he might take punitive trade actions if China does not "help us much more"

Trump's toughest critic challenges the Jones Act

The fight against the almost 100-year-old Jones Act, a thorn in the eye of European carriers in particular, has rekindled after Republican Senator John McCain, one of Trump's most ardent critics, is now trying to break from the controversial legislation. ShippingWatch takes a look at a sensitive subject.

Nordic shipowners: Trump's US exit may jeopardize IMO efforts

The Norwegian Shipowners' Association describes Trump's exit from the Paris Climate Accord as extremely bad news for shipping. Danish Shipping also eyes risks: This could be an excuse for opponents to work harder to halt IMO efforts, says the organisation.

Shipowners: IMO climate targets must be maintained

The International Chamber of Shipping will call on the IMO to continue its work to curb shipping's CO2 footprint despite President Trump's decision to withdraw the US from 2015's Paris Climate Accord, Chairman Esben Poulsson tells ShippingWatch.

Seafarers could be hit by Trump's US entry ban

Crew members from the affected countries could be denied rights to go onshore in the US following Donald Trump's entry ban. However, both Norden and Clipper have not experienced any difficulties at this point, they tell ShippingWatch.

Trump appoints new FMC chairman

The Federal Maritime Commission, which reviews and approves alliances in the container sector, now has a new acting chairman. The US President has appointed Republican Michael Khouri, who will replace Democrat Mario Cordero.

IMF expects weak global growth for two years

In a revised forecast, the International Monetary Fund expects that global growth in 2017 will increase to 3.4 percent and 3.8 percent the year after. President Trump is a wild card in terms of the growth estimate.

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