Port of Rotterdam will capture weather conditions in real time

With a new platform, port authorities in Rotterdam will send signals regarding weather and water conditions in real time to make freight planning easier. There is huge potential, says the port, which sees a future when sensors are used on everything from sailings to quays.

Photo: PR, Rotterdam Havn

The Port of Rotterdam will soon launch a new Internet of Things platform according to a press release.

The platform has been developed in collaboration with partners such as IBM  and Cisco and will use 44 smart sensors to track data regarding weather and water conditions in the port.

Data on everything from wave heights to power and wind speeds will be delivered in real time and will make it possible to predict the best time to dock on and off with as much freight as possible.

"This is a fantastic step for the development of Rotterdam as 'the smartest port'," says Ronald Paul, CEO of the port, in the press release, adding that weather data delivered in real time will also help improve "critical processes in our service to customers."

Sensors on sailings and quays

Port authorities say this is the first step in establishing an innovative port with access to the latest technology, including cutting edge computing, real time analysis, AI and blockchain technology.

This is necessary for a port in constant development, where digitalization has increasing significance for physical infrastructure, reads the press release, which offers an example of the future opportunities of autonomous shipping:

"For example, sensors can be incorporated in quay walls, dolphins [marine structures, -ed.], sailings, roads and traffic signs which can create and measure data on an ongoing basis and communicate with autonomous systems."

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