DSV behind rejected offer on logistics company Ceva

Danish DSV now confirms that the company has placed a bid on logistics company Ceva, which rejected the offer earlier today. Acquisitions are still part of DSV's strategic plan, director of investor relations Flemming Ole Nielsen tells ShippingWatch.

Aegean Marine Petroleum's President steps down

Bunker company Aegean Marine Petroleum will get a new president when Jonathan McIlroy steps down in November. The company's board of directors also gets a new member from Aegean's new and only lender.

NordLB to cut 1200 jobs ahead of 2020

German bank NordLB is working on a large-scale restructuring that will be completed in 2020 and which will eliminate 1,250 positions from the bank. Layoffs this year are expected to trigger a negative result for 2018.

Regulations for methanol sailings underway

Methanol is one of the options shipping companies have for improving their environmental impact and complying with the upcoming sulfur regulations set to come into force on Jan. 1, 2020. The IMO is now preparing the first draft of its guidelines for the new fuel type.

Marine insurers elect new president

The International Union of Marine Insurance has elected a new president in Richard Turner, who comes from RSA Insurance Group. The departing president had a warning for the sector before he stepped down.

Greenland supports Arctic oil ban

Greenland's home-rule government has decided to support efforts to ban sailings on heavy fuel oil in Arctic waters, which is a part of the IMO's agenda.

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