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CMA CGM incorporates LNG at the core of its fuel policy

Only few peers opt for LNG as either a transitional fuel or a fuel for the next decades. A major shipper like Ikea does not count liquefied natural gas as a fuel for the future. Still, CMA CGM maintains LNG at the core of its bunker policy. ShippingWatch has interviewed the container line.

Norden has bought two tankers and sold one

Shipping company Norden has made adjustments to its fleet. Two tankers have been bought, and one has been sold. The company maintains that it will continue to be active within the buying and selling of ships.

Frontline's scrubber manufacturer merges with competitor

Scrubber manufacturers Clean Marine and FMSI, partly owned by Frontline, will merge just a few months before the new global sulfur cap comes into force. With this merger, the parties say they can increase production and shorten delivery times.

Indonesia to enforce sulfur regulations after all

Indonesia has decided to not exempt its ships from the upcoming sulfur requirements, the country's transport ministry says. Environmental alliance still fears resistance from countries, however, and appeals to banks and investors.

Shipping companies are eying biofuel

Since Goodfuels signed up shipping company Norden as a biofuels customer, the pace has quickened for the company. Large oceangoing carriers are next in line, says founder and CEO in an interview with ShippingWatch.

Methanol being tested as marine fuel in Asia

A university and an institute are conducting a project testing the environmentally sound fuel methanol in Singapore. According to the partners, this is the first trial of its kind in Asia.

New figures show limited premium for low-sulfur fuel

Uncertainty regarding the future price of low-sulfur fuel, compliant with the IMO's 2020 directive, continues to be major. New figures indicate a limited premium price, significantly smaller than many expected.

IMO intent on improving safety with new fuels

Towards 2021, IMO's safety committee will develop new guidelines to control the safety of the new fuels that will be introduced before the 2020 global sulfur regulations. Proposals must be submitted prior to the next meeting.

Low sulfur fuel trading begins on stock exchange

Contract prices on low sulfur fuel will become a commodity on the US New York Mercantile Exchange from mid-December, report several media. The price difference between heavy fuel and low sulfur fuel is a major subject of in the industry.

Big bunker problem might continue past 2020

Difficulties involved with blending two types of fuel are a factor at present, and will remain so after 2020. Whether or not the problems will become larger or smaller remains uncertain, Bureau Veritas tells Platts.

Container carriers were never fully sold on scrubbers

If the major liner companies have ordered their last scrubber, the exhaust-filtering system was far from the industry's preferred solution. A very small portion of Maersk Line's fleet will be equipped with the system, while others appear to have completely avoided the technology.

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