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EU approves list of scrapping yards

The latest version of the EU list of shipbreaking facilities has now received final approval. The Indian yards Maersk works with were not approved for the list. The rules will come into force two weeks from now.

Maersk disregards EU shipbreaking list and will send more ships to Alang

Regardless of whether shipyards in Alang are included on the EU list of approved shipbreaking facilities in the years to come, Maersk will continue to send ships to be scrapped in India. Maersk selects shipbreakers on the basis of a financial assessment, the company's head of sustainability strategy, John Kornerup Bang, tells ShippingWatch.

EU stands firm: Scrapping can be managed without beaching yards

There is already enough capacity at EU approved yards that European-flagged vessels can be scrapped responsibly and in compliance with EU rules. No Indian yards will make it to the EU's approved list of yards, says an official from the EU Commission to ShippingWatch.

Indian yards could miss deadline for scrapping list

It remains uncertain whether there is time for the Indian shipbreaking facilities which have applied for EU approval to be reviewed before the new rules for shipbreaking come into force at the turn of the year, the Commission tells ShippingWatch.

Indiske værfter kan misse deadline for skrotliste

Det er usikkert, om de indiske værfter, som har søgt om at blive godkendt af EU, når at blive bedømt, inden de nye regler for ophugning af skibe træder i kraft til nytår. Det oplyser Kommissionen til ShippingWatch.

EU afviser at udskyde skrotregler trods kritik

Det kommer ikke på tale at udskyde de længe ventede regler for ophugning af europæiske skibe, selv om rederne frygter, at der ikke er nok kapacitet på de godkendte værfter. Det slår EU-Kommissionen fast.

A simple piece of math takes center stage in scrapping debate

The debate surrounding shipowners' scrapping of end-of-life vessels has rekindled again ahead of a crucial decision in Brussels. A simple piece of math concerning space available at European shipbreaking facilities is at the center of a new dispute between shipowners and an NGO.

Two Seatrade execs convicted for scrapping four ships

In the first court case of its kind, Dutch reefer specialist Seatrade and two of its executives have been sentenced for illegally sending four vessels to be scrapped in Asia and Turkey. "It is very likely" that the company will appeal, says Seatrade.

Maersk believes several problems in Alang are now solved

Improvements at three yards in Alang have been so big, that they now represent a real alternative to China and Turkey, says Maersk CEO Søren Skou. However, the group acknowledges that there is still uncertainty with regard to the marine environment and problems with access to medical aid.

Ny rapport: Maersk mener at have løst flere problemer i Alang

Der er nu sket så store forbedringer på tre værfter i Alang, at de udgør et alternativ til Kina og Tyrkiet, mener Maersks topchef Søren Skou. I en ny rapport erkender koncernen dog, at der stadig er usikkerhed om vandmiljø og problemer med adgang til lægehjælp.

India preparing to ratify to Hong Kong Convention

India is working to comply with international regulations for responsible vessel scrapping, said the country's shipping minister at an IMO meeting last week. A large portion of the global fleet is scrapped in India.

Indien vil sige ja til Hongkong-konventionen

Indien arbejder på at tilslutte sig de internationale regler for sikker ophugning af skibe, sagde landets shippingminister på et IMO-møde i sidste uge. En stor del af verdens handelsflåde bliver skrottet i Indien.

First shipbreaker in Bangladesh is approved

For the first time, a scrapping yard in Bangladesh has been certified to meet global shipping standards under the Hong Kong convention. However, the convention has yet to come into force.

Maersk vessels sailed under black-listed flag for final journey

Four vessels from Maersk Line sailed under black-listed flags, when on the way to be scrapped along the coast of Alang, India. The out-flagging occurred after the group sold the vessels to cash buyers. Seafarers risk paying the price, says an NGO and union.

Maersk has now scrapped six ships in India

Maersk Group has now sent six vessels to be scrapped in the coastal area of Alang in India. The first two vessels arrived last year, while more vessels from the Sealand series have arrived this year.

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