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Consultant urges EU to approve Indian yards

A scrapping consultant responsible for a report on Alang commissioned by Maersk has changed his stance on shipbreaking on Indian beaches. He now reckons that the EU should approve some of the yards, as that would close the loopholes in its regulations, he says.

Maersk out-flagged four ships from Denmark and sent them to Alang

Maersk has out-flagged at least 15 older ships from Denmark since the summer of 2018. Four of these have wound up on the beach in Alang. Maersk has previously said it was prepared to out-flag its end-of-life ships in order to circumvent the EU's shipbreaking rules.

Worker killed in explosion at Maersk's partner yard in India

A worker has died in an explosion at the Shree Ram shipbreaking yard in Alang, India, with which Maersk has a close partnership. The accident happened last week. Maersk tells ShippingWatch that there were no Maersk ships being scrapped when the accident happened.

Oil fund's watchdog inquires into Maersk's Alang beaching

Norway's sovereign wealth fund has contacted Maersk as part of its critical zoom-in on beaching in Alang, Maersk confirms to ShippingWatch. The fund has previously blacklisted four shipping companies due to their scrapping activities in South Asia.

EU accused of protectionism on shipbreaking

Bimco says that the EU is using its shipbreaking rules to shield its shipyards against competitors in Southern Asia, contrary to the wishes of the usually influential shipping companies in Europe.

Oil fund's watchdog will contact shipowners on beaching

With shares in Maersk and Teekay, the world's biggest investor, Norwegian wealth fund, expects to pass judgement on carriers who scrap ships in India already by this fall. The chairman of the fund's Council on Ethics tells ShippingWatch that shipping companies will now be contacted.

Norway's wealth fund will now look at Alang

The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund's Council on Ethics will now look into companies that scrap ships in Alang. The fund owns shares for close to USD 275 million in Maersk, which uses shipbreakers in India. Last year the fund blacklisted four shipping companies for beaching.

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