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China launches first autonomous freighter

China has set an autonomous cargo ship afloat for the first time. Many countries are currently experimenting with crewless vessels, for instance, Denmark, where autonomous ferries could become a reality.

Autonomous ship is now able to sail dock-to-dock

With the push of a button a ferry sailed out of a harbor and docked at another without any human interference. Wärtsilä, the company behind the technology, calls the test "a huge step forward."

Nu kan førerløst skib sejle i rute

Med et tryk på en knap sejlede en færge selv ud af havn og lagde til kaj i anden havn uden menneskelig indblanding. Bag systemet står Wärtsilä, der kalder testen "et kæmpe skridt".

Could Counter-Strike players be the seafarers of the future?

What will legislation for unmanned vessels look like? Who will be responsible in the case of accidents? And could computer players be the future captains of an remotely operated vessel? ShippingWatch maps out some of the biggest questions facing autonomous shipping.

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