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Oil collapse and corona outbreak challenge the purpose of BAF

Container shipping lines use the BAF surcharge to ease the impact of the coronavirus, even though the surcharge is meant to cover fluctuations in the oil price, and this could challenge the entire purpose of the surcharge, writes SeaIntelligence.

Hapag-Lloyd follows Maersk: Increases bunker surcharge

Yet another of the world's biggest container shipping companies now introduces an extraordinary bunker surcharge following recent weeks' large price increases on low-sulfur fuels. This time it is German Hapag-Lloyd, ShippingWatch learns.

Analysehus nedtoner aktivitetsboom op til svovlkrav

Merudgiften til lavsvovlsholdigt brændstof er så lille sammenlignet med eksempelvis amerikansk told på kinesiske varer, at det ikke vil føre til et tilsvarende containerboom op til svovlkravene. Det vurderer analysehuset Sea-Intelligence.

Shippers far from agree on support for added sulfur charge

Several of the world's largest shipping lines, such as Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk, say that customers seem to accept the extra cost of low-sulfur fuel oil. ShippingWatch has spoken to one of the world's largest shippers, which far from agrees.

The liner companies' new bunker mechanisms differ widely

There are significant differences between the various much-discussed bunker surcharges, which liner shipping companies are working to introduce ahead of the 2020 sulfur cap, even though they appear similar at first glance. Here is a look at the most important new bunker adjustment factors.

Nestlé criticizes container carriers' secrecy

With half a million containers on the oceans every year, Nestlé is considered a VIP customer in the liner industry. However, the well-known food producer is far from pleased with the service and transparency of the new bunker surcharge set-up announced by major carriers.

Søren Skou is happy to speak directly to the carriers' major critic

There is not enough transparency in the upcoming agreements for container freight, according to criticism voiced by Bjørn Vang Jensen, VP of Global Logistics at Electrolux. Maersk Line CEO Søren Skou says that the current clause is far more transparent than the previous ones.

Hapag-Lloyd: New BAF will break with old policies

A new bunker adjustment factor at Hapag-Lloyd will help ensure two things, explains Juan Carlos Duk, managing director of global commercial development, to ShippingWatch. The BAF will very much address longstanding criticism from customers.

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